You're not angry, are you?

Is Tim better at French than Tao?


I thought chances of Will not noticing what Christofer was doing were pretty slim.

No one was with me.

Physics is more difficult than mathematics.

There are eggs in the carton.

I want to be like Picasso.


What am I expected to do when I get there?


Why don't you sit right there on the couch?

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Get off my back about my personal life!

The bullet cut through an artery.

Tell me exactly what's going on.

In all probability, we'll arrive before they do.

You would never do such a thing.


It would be nice to go when is sunny.

Now my daughter fears me.

Every man must eat and drink.

Almost all implementations of virtual memory divide the virtual address space of an application program into pages; a page is a block of contiguous virtual memory addresses.

Nobody's trying to make you do anything.


Did you poison her?


Is the GOP to blame for the current economic crisis?

Kaj had a little to drink.

He shifted about uneasily in his chair.

From a statistical point of view, a plane flight is much safer than a car trip.

Hence, I shall have to stay here.

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If you need a dictionary, I'll lend you an old one that I have.

I tied my dog to the tree in the yard.

You're worried, aren't you?

Sometimes we need to look back to know where we are going to.

Sit back down. We're not leaving yet.

We enjoyed watching the TV.

Yesterday I got up early.

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This scandal has severely damaged the public image of our company.


When water freezes and becomes solid, we call it ice.

Niall is coming to get you.

I wonder what's on her mind.

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Did he study English yesterday?


The travelers are waiting to know the cause of the delay.

I shouldn't have asked you that.

The evidence speaks for itself.


The student concentrated on his subject.

I owe you big time.

Siegurd called a taxi.

You're better off without Kirk.

You'll recognize Giovanni.

Carla, the singer, has a great voice.

Sorry, he's over excited now, so let's leave it.

You must bring home to him the importance of the matter.

Are you a polyglot?

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Where did you greet them?

You're really weird.

I saw many people who had no clothes and I saw many clothes which had no people in them.

"You pig! Fucking traitor!", yells Patricia.

He was named Anatoly after his father.

If the pain continues you have to go to the doctor.

Valentina's mother worked in a textile plant.

This file has been compressed.

Raif feels that his team will win the game.


Chuck wants to know what you would like to drink.

All you can do is wait.

All Andries needed was a little more time.

I got a burn on my finger.

I cheered myself up by listening to music.

Spring is an enjoyable season.

I just need some time.


I love my teammates.


I'm here because I thought you needed my help.

Tell Terri to hurry back.

Raymond changes her nail color almost every day.

She needs him more than he needs her.

Lance showed me a drawing of Fred that he drew.

I should sue him.

I'll go to France to study painting.


I never dreamed you'd get so good at French so quickly.

That's real progress.

I'm very, very, very concerned.

How much is your commission?

Spencer is experienced.

We have a few more minutes until the meeting starts.

Aren't you going to be in London this summer?

Let's go to the factory.

I wish it were that easy.


This study grant was given to me by the departmental council.


Her hobby was to collect ancient coins.


He called me a cab.

What's your favorite time of day to exercise?

It's Claudine's house.

When did you hear about it?

The fat will be in the fire.

I'm not going through a midlife crisis!

Bill has not less than six dollars.

Our team lost.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

A translation is no translation, unless it will give you the music of a poem along with the words of it.

I'll drop by the post office on the way home.


Mars contains highlands which occur in the southern hemisphere.

There can be only one explanation.

Sriram carried out his plan.

The way I see it, he is right.

Elaine lost four pounds in body fat.


It is hardly possible for him not to make any mistake.


He was caught cheating in the exam.


When and where did the war break out?

Sigurd nodded to me.

Nicholas won the race.

I can see you've done that before.

My shift's almost over.

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Have you thought of that?


What's the remaining time?

The party continued on in Dan's house.

He started it.

I've got to talk to everybody.

That would violate our policy.


My grandfather is very fond of reading.

We have to find a new market for these products.

The singer was standing by in the studio.

I talked with him over the telephone yesterday.

What were you doing in there?

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This is really going to happen.

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It's pretty good.

It is important to remember who your friends are.

A fight started about nothing between them.

The public was shocked.

I'm very sorry, but we don't know each other.

Pilot and Brandy named their son John.

Natraj spent the last years of his life in Boston.

Why did you and Vadim break up?

The athletes sat around killing time, waiting for their game to start.


To live without air is impossible.

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She is noted as a singer.


I don't see that we have any choice.

Randal often sits for hours doing nothing.

Why don't you ask Dwayne to sit with us?

Do you have a tatami room for ten people?

You must do it at once.

She wanted to have her father's love to herself.

The door is opening now.

Thanks for not telling Galen what happened.

Do you have enough food?


He is the fastest runner in the world.

The girl wore yellow ribbons in her hair.

I don't know and I don't want to know.

I'm managing.

Pam looked again.


I stepped on a piece of broken glass.

It's a mysterious death.

Erik came to blows with a colleague at the office Christmas lunch.


His policy was in advance of his times.

Are you a doctor, sir?

I was too happy to sleep.

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In Hawaii, you can cruise all year round.

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You hid behind the tree.

Does she understand Italian?

I have never had more confidence in the fighting efficiency of these soldiers.


I'm having one hell of a time setting up Japanese as an input on Debian.

They're home.

Sooner or later, Marion will tell me everything I want to know.

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He's stark crazy.

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I am proud to call him my teacher.