We will show you how to marketeer for success!

Mailketeer is a web based mail marketing service that focuses on premium email marketing experiences.
Our main objective is to deliver your brand's email to the final customer in the best possible way, displaying all images inline, delivering a email digitally signed for customer assurance, gathering metrics and user preferences to potentiante your brand, in a small sized email.
To achieve this we follow all best pratices in the book and added a few of our own creating a one of a kind service. Feel free to give it a try.

Work With Us

Feel free to register online and give it a try. We work mainly with companies that send mail marketing to it's customer's on a regular basis.


Service Features

Check out our service features and test it yourself. It's very easy to send a newsletter and we believe everyone will be very happy will the final result.


Agencies and Partners

Heard about us? Interested in doing some partnership with us for mutual benefit? Don't want any longer and contact us.

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Aptoide Case Study

A case study of one of the world's largest Android marketplaces for mobile apps, using our services.


Easy bounce handling

One of the most important tasks when sending mass email, and too often forgotten.


Better email marketing.

Typical mail marketing isn't good looking, and most of it gets deleted before any opening occurs. We're trying to change how companies perceive mail marketing metrics.


Email best practices.

This article compiles some guidelines and best practices everyone should follow when creating an email newsletter.