We'll probably go to Boston next week.

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I'm allergic to dust.

The pleasure of teaching is not smaller than the pleasure of learning.

I know what kind of people Kevin and Luis are.

Do you have a child?

Do you want to work with Mick?

When the teacher is very strict, the students must mind their P's and Q's.

Lemons contain citric acid

She hasn't made it yet.

The wall is white within and green without.

Myron has too many things to worry about.

Will you help me look for my purse?

I'll have a talk with her.

What an attractive woman!

Dan is doing a disservice to the community.

Why would Cary have any problem making friends?

I have a package here for him.

Where were you when the explosion occurred?

She cannot recommend him too much.

I think I speak French very well.

"Noobs?" Dima asked, a slight hint of anger in his voice. "This isn't a video game, Al-Sayib! This is real life!"

I lived in France for some time.

Tony likes taking pictures.

If you agree to become an organ donor, you may help save someone's life.

What's your proposal?

Turkeer wants pepperoni on his pizza.

It was just a kiss.

I'd like to stay another night if I can.

Doesn't Stacey look pretty?

I know exactly where she is.

I miss my boyfriend so much!

On the chalkboard there's written your new timetable.

You're completely out of control.

A wise leader knows when to listen to others.


I don't want to fight.

Try to stay out of trouble.

Hitoshi couldn't believe his good fortune.

Something good did it, to be honest.

The Brits now say they have great cooks, but they can't even make a sandwich anymore.

Klaus appears to be asleep.

I don't want you anywhere near my daughter.

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Kyle finds it hard to unwind after work and has trouble getting to sleep.

This is something new.

There are many rivers in India.

Why are you saying goodbye?

There needs to be a full stop at the end of a sentence.

Vehicle waiting will be prosecuted without warning

We have nothing to be afraid of.


We watched the children play.


Is her mother still living?

Does he intend to become a doctor?

Does Helge really want me do this?

It'll be known sooner or later.

With our lesson plan you can learn at your own pace.

Would you wake me up every morning?

I love Japan, and Japanese girls of course

I'll get back to you on this.

She's lying on the floor.

If your parents heard of your success, they would be proud of you.

Kieran doesn't want to compromise.

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I still haven't decided yet.


How do you pronounce the "@" sign in your language?


Teresa opened a desk drawer and pulled out a flask.

I cannot dance one single step of Salsa.

The RMS Lusitania was sunk by a German U-boat in 1915.

Don't worry. She knows what she's doing.

Even Lorraine doesn't know Kyu.

I gathered from his expression that he was very angry.

You aren't hurt.


It was really moving.

Shakil thinks that she's smarter than everyone. But she's not.

Who wants to go first?

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I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.


It all happened three months ago.

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The greenback lost ground against the yen.

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It's not because I'm not interested that I attend so seldom, but because I don't find the time; and it's not that there's really not enough time, but that I don't manage it well.

I wore sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun.

Sickness prevented him from going out.


Is the fish still alive?

Allen wants to know if you're planning on going to Boston with us next weekend.

Didn't your parents give you anything?

The lesson has ended.

It takes a great deal of practice to master a foreign language.

Whoever comes, say I am away from home.

I think I fell asleep in the meeting.


Look how happy Brodie is.


I'll buy a pen for him.

Barrett decided that we should put the canoe inside the house until the storm passed.

She sent me a friend request.


I think that's the point.

Does anyone here speak Japanese?

She glanced shyly at the young man.


The red lines on the map represent a railway.

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Don't you find me attractive?

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Olof isn't as old as he looks.

All major economies must step up to the plate if we are to avoid the dangerous consequences of climate change.

They talked over a cup of coffee.


I think what you're doing is right.

I went back home, then I went out with my friends.

I didn't know how to swim at that time.


If it didn't work why would you keep doing it?


She's the cutest girl in town.

Jasper never liked his name and planned to change it someday.

It gets very cold this time of year.


I stopped by Olof's school on the way home.

How busy could Will be?

I don't intend to marry him.


He never fails to write to his mother every day.

I might be able to help you find Nou.

He comes home from his trip to Europe tomorrow.

The committee consists of four members.

I am the one.

Don't let Heinrich use my car.

I am a member of the baseball team.

Linder took a shortcut through a dark alley.

Margie came here to see me.

I have a few essays to write by tomorrow.

This sort of thing just doesn't happen here.

Taking part in funerals is something that people only do for the sake of appearance. It makes no sense on its own terms. It's like the effort you put into cleaning your boots every day: you only do it to make sure no one says you've got dirty boots.

I don't want to talk to Tommy right now.


Just watch me.


She's out for a walk.

I do forgive Torsten.

Arsine is a poisonous gas.

Did you listen to the Parliamentary debate?

I can't count on Denis.

What does Lonhyn really want?

The human heart is analogous to a pump.


I wish I didn't have to work this weekend.


I would've taken care of her.

The girl came without complaint.

Should I not have told her?

You should stay here till 2:30.

I knew you'd come home.

What's it really about?

My locker partner has made our locker very messy.


I don't think these guys really want to hear Rodger sing.

Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.

Red wine is not traditionally served with fish.

She was so beautiful that the merchant's son could not help kneeling down to kiss her hand.

Vance is a beginner.

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With my telescope I can see Jupiter and six of its moons.

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Everyone changes.

They're in a singing group.

How much is this pullover, please?


Jeannette didn't want to help me.

Please speak slowly and clearly.

Is that an option?

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Her brother Kensaku is now in Brazil.

Syun just saw Urs.

There is a continuation.

You must take care of Raphael.

The patient moved his lips slightly.

Vidhyanath enjoys watching baseball games on TV with his grandfather.

We've sold all the tickets.

Miracles are ordinary.

That helped a lot.

She buys us shoes.

My boyfriend gave it to me.

That is decidedly short of satisfactory.

I don't meet too many women.

I was feeling really good.

I went to the shop.


Reiner and Sanity exchanged numbers at the party.