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This is harassment.

I do anything I feel like.

Both of the brothers are still living.


She walked about in search of the dress.

Things couldn't have gone better.

The interviewer identifies his interviewees.

Who lives in the house next door?

I'm behind the kitchen.

That's a pretty good idea.

We can help you find Carl.

Norman spent three years in the Boston working as an undercover policeman.

They live on the floor beneath.

You sound awfully sure of that.

The singer has a good opera voice, but I don't think he'll catch on with young people.

I think I'm in danger.

If I were you I'd be able to succeed.

According to the rumors, he participated in the battle.

You can ask them yourself.

Marian had to wear a dunce cap.

You are loved and missed throughout the world, man.

There are strange rumors afloat.

Stand up for me.


I don't like pork.


Go for help.

He has just come here by taxi.

Izchak was the first one to ask a question.


You can't just walk away.

All the teachers and students we talked to said that Olaf is easy to get along with.

Like those of many who knew English, his English was very basic: "How much is it?" and "It's not my size."

It's unlikely that anything serious will happen.

Lance looked underneath the table.


He showed his disapproval by raising an eyebrow.

You sound like her.

Disease is a threat to human beings.

Yesterday morning, I wrote her a letter.

A thousand incoherent ideas swirled around my mind.

Lorenzo got so angry he raved like a madman.

There's no way we can get this done by next Monday.

The farmer heard the loud barks and jumped out of bed. Taking his gun, he leaped to the window and shouted: "What's the matter?"

I prefer to sit in the front row near the window next to Subra.


He affirmed that he saw the crash.


If you don't want to bring that matter up, I'll try to understand you.

Heinz is unsophisticated.

Is she coming here to relax?

He is so honest that I can count on him.

Don't talk to anyone.

We're looking for survivors.

If he isn't sick, I think he will come.

Heat sesame oil in the pan on a medium flame, add the chicken meat, the garlic and fry, when the colour changes pour in the Chinese soup, add the Chinese cabbage and boil.

They are better educated, healthier and wealthier than their parents' generation was at their age.


They do it faster than me.

I'll take you there one of these days.

I worked a couple of years as a farm hand.

An army marches on its stomach.

If you don't want to listen, cover your ears.

Why do you listen to Lar?

Isn't it possible?

I have no idea what to wear.

He suffers from osteoporosis.


It's still rising.


Why didn't you eat your chocolate?


Yes, I said that murder is a sin, but I never said that sins are wrong.

The tip of the knife is sharp.

That's the one we were looking for.

Can it wait another hour?

I've been here over a year.

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Keep still!

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I feel a lot better.

Kenneth doesn't seem too sure.

Give a man a mask and he'll tell the truth.


Her older daughter is married.


Let's see what I can get.

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Now, Jim has a job.


Kim wasn't listening to Claude.

You're not easy to find.

Can you still eat food that's fallen on the floor?

Look at the evidence.

If Casper finds out what Tran did, he won't be happy.

In France, many young people have motorcycles.

We'll try it.

Bruno is just trying to confuse you.

Children often imitate their parents.


Don't you like this?


They are out of touch with reality. They only care about their power, and the money they earn.


Elwood finally overcame his shyness and asked Miriam to go out with him.

Don't look back on your past.

The five-legged lizard had its tail cut off.


She is very popular among the boys.

You're my good luck charm.

I'll be playing tennis with Dalton this afternoon, but it's not something I'm really looking forward to.

One-fifth of my wages go to taxes.

Right now I'm at the airport.

My French is pretty rusty, too.

This man is very generous.


We have a lot to consider.

It's quite likely that he'll come.

He got away.

Would Lyndon really do that for us?

The water stopped running because the hose has a kink in it.

Nanda only has one faded photograph of grandfather.

You're screaming.

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Geoff is having lunch now.

I see my table.

He committed suicide by taking poison.

Here we go again.

We used to sit on these steps and talk.


I just need to finish up.


He tried getting close to her using every means possible.

You should eat more fruit.

The police were watching Yamada's movements.

Svante resigned with immediate effect.

Mr Jones was looked upon as a great scholar.

If I had money, I would buy the computer.

By love alone is enmity allayed.

She doesn't want forgiveness.

Let me paint you a picture.

We went on a school trip to Nara.

Tell me a little about her.

Would you like to drink some tea with me?

Your car has been towed away.

Squirrelman's superpower is that he can turn into a squirrel.

Don't do this to me! It's not funny!

Don asked for Lyndon's permission to leave early.

How are you? Are your previous movements alright?

The room was dark and cold.

Our first class is math.

Chlorine is one of the elements in the periodic table.

To some extent, you can control the car in a skid.


"May I awaken within the dream and grasp the fact that I am dreaming so that all dream-like beings may likewise awaken from the nightmare of illusory suffering and confusion." --Tibetan prayer


Are you wearing a protective face mask?

Whatever you do, don't ever press this button.

What did you just say?


I heard you moved to Boston.

I'd rather you didn't, if you don't mind.

Barbara has tried to kill himself.

Sherri hasn't heard from Gilles.

I appreciate your discretion.

There were almost no railroads out west.

Peter is foolhardy, isn't he?

I heard you paid a visit to Marie.

Insofar as we know, he is guilty.

Will you give me some?

At the ominous word "liberality", Scrooge frowned, and shook his head, and handed the credentials back.

I turned off my phone.

It was a little unexpected.

Old might not be happy.

It was nothing but a joke.

It will take them some hours.

What are you up to?


He can't read.


She looks half her age.

I'll do as you wish.

Myrick made it quite clear why we had to have the job finished by 2:30.

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Uri didn't know where his car was.


The snail drew in its feelers.

It's a professional-looking website.

Are you free on Friday afternoon?

What can you make out?

The ship gradually came in sight.

The dog hid under the bed whenever lightning flashed.

Let's not even talk about that today.

Masanao wasn't always this way.

Kee put the car into gear.


They promised to stop their demonstrations.

What does your aunt do?

Would you have been able to do any better?