Did you call him?

It's very difficult to translate this word.

Sekar has been seeing a therapist for a month and a half.

I'm going back to Boston tomorrow.

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This relationship between Portugal and the United States is still maintained today.

It's not a trick question.

They settled in the country.


It's difficult bringing up a child who is not your own.

What he did really shows the right spirit!

Your bedroom walls were painted with good taste.

They all just looked at you.

Judas could no otherways betray him than by giving information where he was, and pointing him out to the officers that went to arrest him.

I asked her if she had been to Mexico.

A fire broke out nearby.

This book is very good except for a few mistakes.

I've never seen a river so pretty.

Pascal is not my friend anymore.

He is studying.


He became rich at the cost of his health.


He was behaving so stupidly that I couldn't keep my temper.

I know that's not enough.

Chris was sympathetic.

My job is taking care of the baby.

Write the address and the home phone number.

Let's not discuss this.

It was an obvious conclusion, but it was absolutely wrong.


We're not getting anywhere.

This cake tastes delicious.

He is second to none in English in his class.


Yesterday I helped the father.

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I love winter.


I'm from Greece.

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Children learn to swim in school today.

I think this is great.

I need to get back home now.

Every day at school I eat with my friends.

I've always thought that.

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I was playing tennis.


Shatter has called in sick the last three days.


I said step away.


He has already begun.

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There are few books that have no misprints.

Every Saturday we clean the whole house.

I am in charge of this.


Don't tell me to relax.

The neighbor's dog was barking all night.

I am tired of hearing it.

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He made the final decision on all such matters.

We regarded his behavior as childish.

Donald told me he couldn't stay long.


Picasso is a famous artist.

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Everything is going as it should be going.

Hume believes in paranormal phenomena.

Ian told a joke, but nobody laughed.

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You've made that abundantly clear.

Over the last decade, Estonia has reported that heroin has largely been replaced by fentanyl on the illicit market.

Do I look fat in these pants?

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Walt heard someone screaming.


I'm afraid I don't follow.

I don't want to go there.

There's nothing I can do about it.

Dimitry used a fire extinguisher to try and put the fire out.

I think Vilhelm will be ready.


There's something I need to do.

Marshall isn't going to take a vacation this year.

I know Mitch personally.


The book contains fifteen biographies.

Have you read today's paper?

I want to see them in my office.

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My mother tasted the milk.

The wolf ate Little Red Riding Hood. The hunter shot the wolf.

Don't let him see you.

Lowell couldn't decode the secret message.

I haven't said anything.

His life, like most, was full of ambiguities.

This didn't fit me very well.


I'd like to prolong my stay in America.

The police held him in custody.

Prices are very high in this store.

Which of the two books did you like better?

Why didn't you even visit Germany?

Loyd needs a change of pace.

I must be imagining things.


That song sounds familiar to me.


I will be waiting for the bus at seven.

Look, I'm serious.

Heather was sentenced to life in a prison for the criminally insane.

Danny rejected the offer.

I wouldn't want you to leave too soon.

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They were after us.


He doesn't dare to say a thing.

Whatever happens, don't panic.

I had trouble sleeping last night.

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We thought it was a nice plan.

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How can you contribute to our organisation?

I deeply appreciate your advice and kindness.

How was Boston?

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The week in Russia has been awesome.

Where did you tell Gilles to hide the money?

"Taxi, Follow that car!". "I can't, it's illegal"

Ken is extremely smart.

Having a slight headache, I went to bed early.

The clock is still ticking.

What's your aim in Tatoeba?

Are you saying Vladislav is a liar?

All I'm interested in is justice.

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"Don't you know I'm going out with Norma?" "I don't care."

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I tried to get him to learn to drive.


I'm sticking with them.

We thought it would rain; nevertheless, we started on our trip.

I had an awful night.


I want to join you for bouldering tomorrow.


I hoped to get an email from Kate today.

Send Jiri a note.

I gave Starbuck a choice.

Be careful not to do anything to upset Jaime.

I hope you're insured.


I was not interested in his life.

You can feel safe here in the house.

This sentence can be interpreted in two ways.


I've been too busy.

They couldn't think where to go.

Would you lend your dictionary to me?

I do hope Andre does what he says he'll do.

He fell asleep with the radio on.

Dana dropped Susan off at a hotel.

Babies grow up inside the amniotic fluid in the womb.

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Where did you get that tan?

Huey likes to push the limits.

People who are not in a hurry stand on the right side of the escalator.

Why would anyone think this was a good idea?

Instead of cutting down on cigarettes, why don't you just give them up?

His satirical novel criticized the foibles of human nature.

How can you help us?

We omitted it by intent.

Steven needs to finish school.

I see Dana and Corina.

She put away a good deal of money.

Take whichever you want.

She knew neither his address nor his phone number.


Malaclypse isn't that type of guy.


I heard her speaking English as fluently as an American.

When Linda told Dan that she was pregnant, he was thrilled.

I'm not in pain.

His mother is a pornstar.

Carpentry and bricklaying are examples of manual labor.

Be sure to turn out the light when you go out of the room.

My house is on a hill.

How many lifeboats are on this ship?

He spends his free time on the internet.

I made up my mind to quit smoking from now on.

He told her that she was right.

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The car continued to accelerate.

My sisters would like to come to the party with us.

We can build speakers to order.


Come what may, I will not break my word.