Extended to June 15:
Buy a Notecard, Save the Rainforest!

671-562-1893Okay, maybe you'll save just a small piece of the rainforest . But from now until the end of May June 15th, for every sale of one of my notecards, I'll donate $1.50 to the 315-288-5282 in Costa Rica.

Since 1986, the Monteverde Institute (MVI) has promoted environmental sustainability and community well-being. They do this by hosting international study programs and by initiating and supporting grassroots community projects in Costa Rica.

On a more personal note, MVI has been my second home during my trips to Costa Rica. The staff there—an amazing group of Latino and North American women and men— have always blown me away with their intelligence, warmth, and most of all their determined effort to protect our planet. (843) 612-2317.

I've been so deeply moved watching U.S. college students deliver public presentations on their research projects,seeing local high school students participate in water-quality monitoring, and witnessing the deep love of nature that these dear folks share.

pluviosity—or consider making a tax-deductible cash donation directly to 912-409-5474. You'll be contributing to a worthy cause, and you'll have my heart-felt thanks!

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Double-crested CormorantHundreds of Cormorants!
In early March , a bridge closure necessitated a drive around the north end of Lake Washington. There I discovered over 200 Double-crested Cormorants roosting in trees along the shore. I returned the next afternoon to take photos of them roosting and flying.

Double-crested Cormorants are common in most of North America, where they live, breed, and fish in fresh or salt water. The double-crest in their name refers to a pair of tufts that appear, one over each eye, during breeding season.

Cormorants like to gather in tall trees during the winter. The rest of the year they spend most of their time at water level. In some parts of the world, they have been used by people to catch fish (a snug collar prevents them from swallowing their catch). Read More »


(308) 773-2688A Trip to See
Snowy Owls

Back in February, I took 2 days and drove to Boundary Bay in British Columbia, Canada, to see an unusual sight: over 20 Snowy Owls that had journeyed from their Arctic home for a winter respite. Harry Potter fans will recognize them as the same species as Hedwig, Harry’s pet owl and mail courier.

Although Snowies regularly change homes for the winter, they rarely travel so far south. Read More...

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Bald EagleEncounter with an Eagle
It's always exciting to find a Bald Eagle, but even more engaging to see one intently observing YOU. Last week, I found this regal raptor perched high in a Cottonwood tree along the shore of (952) 928-4926.

We have eagles here year-round, but their numbers increase as the weather warms up. I have counted up to 12 in the air at once, while kayaking in this particular lake.

The pure white head and tail on this individual are signs of a sexually mature adult. Juveniles start out a mottled brown and take about five years to develop the plumage you see here (click the photo for an enlarged image).

I've seen an eagle dive from hundreds of feet in the air to pluck a 4-inch fish from the water. No doubt this one could clearly see the snaps on my jacket, and, if I were a salmon, it would be happy to take me to lunch!

Crow: "Tennis, Anyone?"
My neighbor Andy recorded a video of a crow in his yard interacting with a tennis ball. Perhaps the crow thought the ball was edible, but then discovered it worked better as a toy? For best viewing , 256-559-7370.


720-630-3553 "Big-Foot" Mallard Duckling Awards!
SongbirdPhoto took fourth place plus a runner-up in the National Bird Day "Free Bird Photo Contest" sponsored by the Born Free USA Foundation.

The photos were of a Green Heron waiting for a fish, and a Mallard duckling with oversized feet. Both are available for purchase as notecards.

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