Digital Diamond - The Most Stable Currency

A convenient means of payment. A tool for hedging of risks.
Easy and secured entry to the cryptocurrency market.
1 token = 1 diamond (I.Vs2.Rd).
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Viribustoken — A Safe Investment

For the first time through Viribustoken, cryptocurrency is backed by real assets: natural diamonds. These diamonds are 1-carat I.Vs2.Rd, certified by GIA, and stored in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The cost of one Viribustoken is equal to the cost of one diamond, the value of which is assessed by the Israel Diamond Exchange. (For reference, we use sharkship; the price today is $6600 p/c). When you buy a token, you get a certificate of diamond ownership. All diamonds are insured.


Price today
1 diamond I.Vs2.Rd

Legal entry to the crypto market in any country of the world

Because diamond ownership certificates are a legal investment in any country in the world, Viribustoken provides legal entry into the world’s crypto market. Moreover, since transactions are made as a certificate purchase, investors are protected from tax authorities.

Your opportunities with Viribustoken

Simple International Transfers:
When making international payments, you do not overpay for double or even triple conversion of fiat money.

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Payment for services in different blockchain platforms:

If you are in China and use Neo, and your counterparty in India wants to get paid in another cryptocurrency, you will be able to access our p2p exchange platform and will instantly receive the desired cryptocurrency without a fee.


Profit taking on crypto exchanges:

Because the token is not volatile relative to other cryptocurrencies, you will not lose profits when bitcoin exchange rates fluctuate. Moreover, any amount that you want to commit can be exchanged for Viribustoken instantly, or can be instantly converted to any other cryptocurrency, without a fee.

Hedging Risks

Since 2009, the cost of diamonds increased by 13%. Viribustoken allows you to invest part of your investments in a highly stable market. 


Saving up to 9% on conversion between blockchain platforms.

Viribustoken is being released on Ethereum, Waves, NEM and TON (in the near future) platforms.

This means that when you switch between these systems you save up to 9% using our p2p exchange platform /

  • direct conversion without intermediaries;
  • all transactions involving Viribustoken without a fee;
  • instant funds transfer as the exchange is automatic.

Viribustoken can be sold on other cryptocurrency exchanges. We constantly supplement the list of our partners.


Preferentials conditions

When you buy a Token, you get preferential terms for the exchange of any cryptocurrency on /

More operations-more discount!

Buy Viribustoken — quickly and conveniently

We support more than 50 types of fund transfer.
Choose a convenient payment method and get tokens instantly!
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Free delivery of diamonds anywhere in the World

If you want to receive the ordered diamonds according to the certificate, we will deliver’em anywhere in the World for free. Delivery is provided by licensed logistics companies. All diamonds are insured.

Since diamonds are a real asset, and their price depends on the trading results, we can buy the stones for you on any exchange (New — York, Hong Kong, Delhi, Amsterdam) and organize their storage.


Change your Tokens to USD without a fee
until 01/08/2019
You leave a request
for repurchase
till 05/08/2019
We will send you a confirmation
from 01/10/2019 to 05/10/2019
The repurchase is carried out
You receive funds
in USD
to your Bank account (SWIFT or SEPA)

Loaning to small business contracts

We offer loaning with tokens of international trade contracts. You get provision up to 80% of the contract value for up to 3 months. To find out the conditions according for your business, leave a request below or contact us in a convenient way.

Our partners

Buy Viribustoken — quickly and conveniently

We support more than 50 types of fund transfer. Choose a convenient payment method and get tokens instantly!

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