Know All New Inventions with Drawings of Your Competitors.
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Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) use this data to Improve their Product & Increase Market Share. Reduce R&D effort and Develop New Product in short Time.

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Translated Titles & Competitor Names

No worries of Chinese, Japanese, German language Concepts. You get them Translated from worlds best translation engine ‘Google’.

  • A single PDF file delivered in your Inbox

  • Titles & Owner Names are translated.

  • Well Indexed information for your Quick Look.

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Customers in 45 Countries

Decision makers like these use our services to grow their business and knowledge base. We successfully disseminated out data to CEO's, Product Development Managers, Powerful individuals in 45 countries and across various technology fields.

-Rajesh Korpe / Managing Director of Spark Autometal pvt Ltd.

We filed 1 patent with the help from Disruptive Energy Solutions. I tried the weekly patent data for Solar PV module cleaning technology, it's well organized and easy to understand. Received about 20+ patent info per week.

-Jeevan Jadhav / Director of Manas Industries

We at Manas Industries use this patent watch service. These patent alerts helped us to improve our pallet and to keep updates about new designs being developed around the world. We already filed 3 patents on the pallet with the help from Disruptive Energy Solution.

-Shivaji Kale / The Energy Efficiency and Management Centre (E2MC) at K. K. Wagh Institute

I need to pay constant attention in new energy savings applications. This Patent data provided very good insights into our field. Consultation on Intellectual Property by experts also helped to take further actions.

Alerts you even 3 Months back new appearances

You know how many patents you missed in the last three months because of non standard procedures followed at a publishing end.

  • We keep stored your report history

  • 3 months back updates available

  • Intelligent removal of repeated appearance

Spot future trends and Innovation hotspots of your business

With this premium feature it's easy to know which parts of your product or service is getting more inventions.

  • Product sublevel innovation trends

  • Striking graphical representation

  • Classified according to international standards

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