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ChaOS PGP Secured Email


We created a customized Android Operating System called “ChaOS”. ChaOS is built upon the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and provides a customized build of Android 8.1. It is stripped from all unnecessary code (for example Google Playstore, SMS and phone options are removed) and hardened to provide optimal security and make sure your privacy and security will never be compromised.

ChaOS Dual boot

The Google Pixel2 smartphone is dual-boot and set up with two completely separate environments: one isolated environment for the messaging infrastructure and another dummy environment. Depending on the (user-configurable) password you enter at boot time, you choose which environment to start. The other inactive environment will remain completely hidden and is impervious to detection and access.

XAOC Features

We’re opening a new era for secure smartphones


Custom Android 8.1


Encrypted Storage


PGP E-mail 4096 bit

ChaOS client

SSL Authentication


For being informed


Modified Hardware

ChaOS PGP Email secured with 4096bit RSA encryption.

We use PGP encryption and signing for our email messaging infrastructure.This is a highly secure, well-known and compatible way of encryption. To guarantee your privacy and security, your key is generated and kept only on the secure encrypted storage of your device.

ChaOS fast and easy wipe

The devices are secured at boot with a secure password containing a combination of digits and other characters. We created an option to securely wipe your phone directly from the lock or boot screen! You only have to enter one digit or character to activate the wipe procedure. This procedure will immediately destroy all data on you device with laser-precision: no recovery possible.

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About Us

We are a group of Slavic engineers based in Romania.Our team, provides custom high secure communication services for businesses mainly in Eastern Europe. We developed a high secure infrastructure and a customized Google Pixel2 with ChaOS to keep your communication private and secure. ChaOS is our special made security enhanced operating system based on Android 8.1.

XAOC ChaOS hard-lock timer

This option automatically locks your phone after a user defined time. Imagine the following situation; While reading your messages someone grabs the unlocked device out of your hands and keeps accessing the screen…. This person is able to read all your messages or make pictures of this with a camera. ChaOS has a default hard-lock timer enabled to protect you from this situation!

XAOC ChaOS Pixel2 hardware

XAOC ChaOS runs on Google Pixel2 hardware. We have chosen this device for many reasons. One of them is the “Tamper-resistant hardware enterprise grade security module” This tamper-resistant chip processes the passcode and encryption verification and meets our high security requirements. Please see this link for more information.

Technical Specification

You can check how fast and high-end our product is

  • Google Pixel 2 Smartphone
  • Water and dust resistant
  • 16M Colors
  • Fast charching and long life battery
  • Rear 12.2 MP Camera
  • Gorilla Glass 4
  • Enterprise grade hardware security module
  • XAOC ChaOS Secure Operating System
  • Secure PGP Email with 4096bit RSA encryption
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Disabled Tracking and Tracing
  • XAOC ChaOS messaging infrastructure
  • XAOC ChaOS fast and easy wipe
  • XAOC ChaOS Client SSL Authentication

XAOC ChaOS modded hardware

The Pixel2 hardware is modified to make the device more secure. For your privacy and security the microphones are physically removed. Also the USB-data connection is disabled while still remaining the charging functionality.

XAOC ChaOS disabled tracking and tracing

The device has disabled Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and fingerprint reader. There are no MDM ( Mobile Device Management ) options installed, all for your privacy and security. Remote Wipe still possible in case of emergency. The Wi-Fi chip is user controlled to your needs.

XAOC ChaOS messaging infrastructure

All the servers in the infrastructure have disk-controller based full-disk encryption and are hosted in “bulletproof” datacentres in Eastern Europe. This infrastructure is engineered to be highly available with your privacy and security as a top priority.

How to Buy XAOC

We designed our premium product for the Eastern European market. Please be aware that we work with a network of preferred dealers to sell our product based on invites. If you don’t have a dealer yet, please send us a message with you invite code using the contact form. Based on the invite we will notify a dealer to contact you directly and discuss your needs.

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ChaOS 24-hour message burn timer.

All received and sent messages have a default burn-timer applied of 24-hours. After 24 hours the encrypted messages are removed from your device and the servers. You have an option to extend the burn-timer to 48 hours.

ChaOS client SSL authentication

For an extra layer of security we armed the devices with an non-exportable SSL client certificate. This extra layer of protection ensures an impenetrable connection between the messaging infrastructure and the device.

ChaOS brute force protection

The device is protected against brute forcing the boot or lock-screen password. After 10 wrong attempts the device is wiped.

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