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I'm not adventurous.

My sister is now bound up in her work.

I can't confirm it.

Be careful you don't break Farouk's heart.

Can anyone answer my question?


I'm waiting for Elliot to get here.

A sharp pain pierced her stomach.

Steve suddenly stopped talking.


Are you surprised to see me?

The orange alien is orb-shaped with 18 tentacles.

I don't love myself.

His explanation really isn't clear.

Surfing looks like fun.

Don't waste your time in a dead-end relationship.

May I come, too?

I have been there scores of times.

Subtlety never was your strong suit.

I'll see if Sheila wants to come over for a visit.

"The boys went downtown." "Is that where Jason is?"

Leon is defending human rights.

His car was three metres long.


Leave us alone, please.


They formed themselves into a circle.

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Why am I crying?

Novo guessed Gregory's weight.

I answered your questions. Now let me ask you a few.

Tanaka plays the piano well.

The bridge was to be built by the soldiers.

Do you have anything to say to us?

You are secure from danger here.


Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.

Did you pass out?

The teacher didn't keep his word.

I want to be very happy.

No one answers.


"Do you suspect me?"

There being no vacant seats on the bus, I was kept standing all the way to the station.

She soon forgot about the poor frog.

We're closed.

Sheila filled the car with gas.


I made use of every opportunity to improve my English.

My mother objected to my traveling alone.

We'll stop here for today.

We all knew that it would happen sooner or later.

Elaine is looking for a reasonably-priced used car.

That's what Jacobson said, too.

We need to do this right.

Who told you that I dropped out of school?

Russell's father never came back home before nine or ten.

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Don't keep company with such a selfish man.

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Tuan shouldn't have told me.

Both of my sisters are not married.

Two years ago, I wasn't able to play basketball at all.


Where did you get all these?

Would I kid you?

The people who don't ask you anything are the best comforters.

Naomi had a knife.

Are any meals included?


Everyone is eligible regardless of nationality.

Jun works for me now.

He knows that I love him.

We can ill afford to lose a minute.

Creating is harder than destroying.

The kids are making too much noise.

Her face grew pale.


You've got it wrong.

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We have five fingers on each hand.

You should cut down on the amount of fattening food that you eat.

I was happy to hear the news.

Fay took Jeany to the hospital on the back of his motorcycle.

We have some things to work out.

Who do you think you're talking to here?

If it had not been for your advice, I would have failed.

Roxanne plays the drums as well as the organ.

Jupiter's powerful magnetic field is thought to be generated by the electric currents produced by pressurized hydrogen in the mantle.

Dan hid the murder weapon in Linda's bedroom.

We have to get out of this storm.


He fell and hit his head on the floor.

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Gregory has a good lawyer.


The beautiful maiden sat on the top of the rock and combed her golden hair in the sunshine.

We understand.

Can we switch seats?

She kept me waiting for 30 minutes.

The purring cat rubbed up against Pria's leg.


I'll come back at around 7 or 8 o'clock.

They blotted out my name from the list.

Raj says he doesn't know how Guido stays so thin.

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I don't think Dustin got much sleep last night.

They were forecasting rain for today.

I'm always listening to music; I can't live without it.

Andreas went to Burning Man.

They prayed that their daughters would forgive them.

You look very dignified.

Debi said goodbye to me and walked out the door.

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You seem to understand her.

Major's parents won't let him go out with Susanne on school nights.

The hotel was once a restaurant.

I work every morning in Central Park at 6 a.m.

Do you have a return ticket to Japan?

How do you explain it?

I don't blame you for doing that.

Courtney fell and hurt himself.

I'm not sure when Heinrich will come.

It's really a nice idea.

We must take his illness into consideration before marking his exam.

Mac is one of the best singers I've ever heard.

She's the girl whose performance won an Oscar.

Jerrie can run a lot faster than I can.

We just need to bide our time.

I expect the board to issue a new directive that cancels the old one.

Sanjeev's beer froze because of the cold.

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I wish the night would never end.

I'd like to get you to help me ask the teacher for time off.

The future of man is the woman.

Please feed the cat.

I thought they'd heard us.

I assure you that I can do that.

We haven't got a lot of time.


Give me that phone back.


Can you translate those documents for me?


If we burn fuels such as coal, oil and gas, they give off various gases.

I know you're listening.

My daughter is looking forward to Christmas.

All the ills of democracy can be cured by more democracy.

Jerry doesn't bother about other people and only has an eye on the main chance.

What will the weather be like tomorrow?

A mirror reflects light.


I guess I don't care much.


Takeuchi told the children an interesting story.


Her aunt takes care of his dog during the day.

They came at our home unawares, as if from nowhere.

Dimitry gestured Hillary to go ahead.

I have no idea how to do deal with my daughter.

It's important that you hear this.

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I have no home.

Murray helped Noemi wash the dishes.

As more time passed, these Creoles became separate languages: Spanish, French, Italian, etc.

You keep me hanging on.

I was thinking about them.

I can't imagine how Stanley has put up with Winston all these years.

I really wasn't sure.

What time did you start?

I am only too glad to hear that all of them are safe and sound in the rescue boat.

You can't have both of them.

I am not in the least interested in such a thing.


I took sides with them in the argument.

Ning took a step backward.

Kee asked me how to get to the post office.

Play in a more relaxed manner.

You'd better get dressed.

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How much of this does Timothy know?


How fast the train is running!

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We can both do it.

The company's immediate priority is to expand the market share.

He was in the shower.

The box was full of strawberries.

The meaning of this practice was obfuscated by centuries of the practitioners' subjective interpretations.


The cerebral cortex is the brain's outer layer.

He yields to nobody in love of music.

Why is it so suffocating to live in Modena?

Are you looking for her?

To be awake is to be alive.

I've seen it happen.

I really want to move back to Boston.

Tatoeba contains 10 000 Lojbanic sentences.

Why would it be weird?