He didn't show up at the party yesterday evening.

Bart is a kind person.

I need these shoes in size ten please!

No guy has ever asked me that.

Most of the Finnish people are very friendly to Chinese people.

You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

The slightest mistake may lead to a fatal disaster.

Doyle's palms were sweaty.

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After your death you will be what you were before your birth.

"Did he take his job?" "Yes, he is located higher up in the food chain."

Enjoy your trip.

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He accepted my idea.

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Nicolette is a househusband.


Xiaoding asked Teacher Lin while holding a picture: "Is this picture of you taken in the Beijing University Library?"

Find out all you can about them.

The animal shown printed on the five-real banknote is a heron.


Sunil can't stay mad at me forever.

Jacques is getting a teaching degree.

Nate changed his plans.

Everyone's against me!

I don't want them to get hurt.

I can't stop sneezing.

Art didn't swim.

Mahesh is usually quite observant.

When do you return home?

I have someplace to go.

Are you spying on me?

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We will watch.

I lived for more than a month in Nagoya.

Yes, you did.

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Has the cat got your tongue?


Joubert came to Valentin's birthday party.

Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.

We had to do that.

I forgot I was in Australia.

Up to this point I have presented an overview of the growth of political unrest in the period.

You should have thought of that before you got her pregnant.

I guess I could use the company.

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I started working for this company last year.

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Giving such large contributions to charities made him feel that he had a feather in his cap.

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Today, we have to sleep outdoors.


The medicine decreased his pain.

Mitch realized that could be a problem.

There's an alley behind my house.


He is mad about football.


I've been complaining about this problem for a long time.


Ask him where he parked his car.


Does it really matter anymore?

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As long as we live, our heart never stops beating.

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How did I come here?

This is far the best of all.

You shouldn't let children eat too many sweets.

If I weren't such a coward, I would have done it.

Is Flight 123 going to be delayed?


I wonder who killed him.


Can you clean your bedroom?

He earns a good salary.

Nate sat on the arm of a chair.

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I'm a very competitive person.

She had the box carried to the first floor.

I'll bring you something to eat.


He thinks that he's the centre of the universe.


What kind of camera does Pilar own?


She scolded her son for being lazy.

The priest blessed the newly built church.

There was nothing for it but to give up my plan.

The prices go up after six o'clock.

Have the neighbors complained?


Douglas tried the basement door and to his surprise, it was unlocked.


I owed Sho nothing.

Hurry up, or you will be late.

That took thirty minutes.

This update will be released at 10 o'clock this morning.

Don't forget to tell Debbie.


Is Anthony still mad at me?

Pam dreamed that one day she would meet a prince and they would get married.

Despite having signed a secret pact, Italy failed to enforce all its claims on foreign territories after World War I.

The sunrise from the mountaintop was beautiful beyond description.

What do you charge?

That might not be enough.

I hear that you yourself are quite the smooth operator.

I am going to pick up my brother from school.

I thought I was going to feel guilty, but I didn't.


The farmer cultivates a variety of crops.


What is your marital status?

Pamela likes his spaghetti noodles a little on the hard side.

Clara had no time to finish the story.

It won't be easy to sell this house.

I'm just trying to make a buck.

Susanne went back outside.

I am spreading mustard on a slice of bread.


The old man lost the will to live.

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Which one of them is mine?

She will give birth to a child next month.

That affected us a lot.


I think Renu is very cool.


Those found a hair in his soup.

He borrowed from his brother to finance the loss he made on the project.

I'll bring you happiness.

He never brushes his teeth.

I don't care what society says.

Please introduce me to a cute girl.

I wonder if you might be able to help me.

Cover your head when you are in the sun.

We hope you'll cooperate.


I've got a message for him.

She had been proposed to five times by the time she was twenty.

She is an expert at it.

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Ira sat on a bench that had just been painted.

We have to go.

He didn't see well even with glasses.


Jennie could tell by Jarvis's accent that she wasn't a native speaker.

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Benjamin's feelings are hurt.

Isolation is the common lot of man.

The truth is I don't like Marek.


Shall I carry your coat?

I missed you a lot while you were in France.

He walked toward the door.

Clayton may do whatever he wants.

These soldiers are wearing civilian clothes.


I hate Esperanto.

Why did you kill my mother?

It's nice meeting you.

The university paid my way to Japan.

Auto-destruct sequence armed.

For the forty years following the first flight of the Wright brothers, airplanes used internal combustion engines to turn propellers to generate thrust.

I'm against big government.

It's just something I've been thinking about.

Bryan's plan has been successful.

Reporters do not hesitate to intrude into people's privacy.

I cannot thank him too much.


Math doesn't suck, you do.

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How is the smell?

Seeing that she is tired, we had better stop for a while.

I agree totally.

The cause wasn't immediately known.

This book is easy enough for me to read.

We should try to convince Kimberly to stay with us for a few days.

Two senior officials are suspected of accepting bribes from real estate companies.


Who was Marika?

For a language to be international, it does not suffice to say that it is so.

I thou thee, thou traitor!

It'll be romantic.

Nevertheless I think such a kind of society needs this sort of business to set economics in motion.

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Alexander said, "budge over," forced his way in and sat down.

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I figured out a way to make more money.

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He was walking about in the town.

Gonzalez's first double fault came at the most inopportune moment when he was down a set point.

I do not oblige you to an excess payment.


Beckie needs help.


Do you believe in miracles? You don't? But they believe in you.


The death of the king brought about a war.