You don't know that for sure.

Donnie has 12 siblings.

I swear I never hurt him.

Tyler is a socialist.

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It was a nightmare.

Why did you invite her?

How old do you think she is?


I wonder if the weather will hold.


You are richer than I am because your pay is double my pay.

The sentence got longer after it was re-written.

When exactly did you see her?

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Hank clearly has potential.

He caught a large trout.

Why did they change their minds?


The prices remain as they were.

Keep Christopher inside.

The ship took on additional passengers.

Timothy is ignoring you.

Allow me to explain.

Heidi knows all about it.

He amused himself by reading a detective story.

Could we have a table in the smoking section?

Casey knows the capital of each state in the United States.


Is there a nearby branch of a Japanese bank?


He ended up expelled.

I'm afraid I won't be able to make myself understand in English.

I think you still love Sergeant.


Do you want me to answer?

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Siemens. No family can do without us.

He was excommunicated.

She lifted up her head and looked at him.


She cast a glance at him.


Don't you get on each other's nerves?

He has the social skills of a wet mop.

I am working on my new book.

His ambition is to be first.

My office is located on the fifth floor.

But I haven't looked up this tracking number on the DHL website.

Do it by yourself.


Seenu ate one apple and Kaj ate the other.


The monkey climbed up a tree.

I'm excited to be back here.

I love this book!

Who is the most beautiful girl in the class?

Would you like me to hold onto it?


The governor was furious.

Our supply of sugar has run out.

We tied with the other team for first place.


Is Scott a scientist?

Ding is playing on computer.

Why don't you let them decide?

If we hadn't lost our way, we would have been here sooner.

Let's pretend to be a couple.

Where did you get the idea that I don't like Beverly?

We have way more questions than answers.

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Summer vacation is near at hand.

Bacterias have the DNA as genetic material.

Today has been a good day.

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We need your help finding them.


I told her not to give up.


If you are a good boy, you shall have a nice cake.


Frederick the Great introduced the potato to Prussia.


I copied in my notebook whatever he wrote on the blackboard.

We believed that the earth moves round the sun.

This law applies to everybody.

We don't want them to decrease our paycheck.

We're scheduled to leave tomorrow.


If the world were perfect, it wouldn't be.

A bookkeeper computes all the company's income and expenses each week.

All right, let's just do this.

Rabin was surprised when he saw Juan in Boston.

I always use the steps,'s scary how they I'd like you to hold them steady.

They swam.

I'll never make that mistake again.


Are you unhappy?

Walk with me.

It's impossible to tell what they really believe.


It's broken.

I'm sorry I did you wrong.

Why have I never heard of him?

I just thought you might want to eat something.

Brexit refers to the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union.

I have absolutely no clue what happened after I got drunk. Why is there some old dude sleeping in my room?

I have not yet learned whether he reached there or not.

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Warriors never complain!

We will never know.

Yes, a little bit.

I'm no longer afraid of you.

He is ashamed of being idle.


How many liters of water did you use to dilute the acid in the test tube?

Do you know her father?

Rudolph wasn't so lucky.


They had gone there two days before.

I want him gone by noon.

She had her husband drive the children to their homes.

Ole's bedtime is nine o'clock on school nights.

Well, he's a right scallywag.

The boy can handle a knife and fork very well.

These things are often unknown to the world.

Where's the pan lid?

A friend of Dannie's had his identity stolen.


Things are looking good.

I don't know anything about ballet.

This is all I want to do.


You're competitive.


Tor really fucked things up.

I'm really fed up with this heat.

I wish I were there right now.

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I suggested that we should stay there another day.


If it weren't for the sun, life would be impossible.

I don't think anybody's lived in this house in a long time.

Who can tell what will happen in the future?

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A great flight of rooks passed silently over their heads.

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Stop changing the subject.

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The old man tripped over his own feet.

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Your hands are filthy.

I told you not to tell anyone.

My room is a complete mess.


You have to face the facts.

I was married when I was nineteen.

There are 50 members in the club.

Barry reads the Bible all day.

Stop being so dramatic.

I want you to wait for me.

It occurred to me that he might be in the library.

"Why didn't I think of that?" "Because you're an idiot."

This was a good feeling.

Today you turn four years old.

I feel like going out. I got no money, though.

Well, I didn't buy them, but later someone brought three baby kittens to the Gorilla Foundation.

They're not prepared for this.

After the demise of Stalin, Korolev gained the support of the new leader, Nikita Khrushchev.

We did it.

Ask him when the next plane leaves.

"Take all the land you want. There will be always enough land for both white and Native American people," said the Indian chief. "Really? So we want all the land from the Arctic Ocean to the Antarctic Ocean," said the general.


Did you consider other alternatives?

I'm thinking of switching majors.

Early agriculturalists often show similar patterns of tooth decay to modern people.

I think Mat wants our help.

I asked Shakil to do that for us.


Faith works miracles!

I thought going out to eat together would cheer you up.

Donnie collects bottle caps.

She has some relation to that group.

I couldn't go because of the heavy rain.


He was able to get work in that town.

Linda was very careful.

Let's not mistake precision for accuracy.


I don't think Russ needed to be here.

One by one, friends came up to speak to him.

I still don't have a plan.

I've worn out the shoes.

Don't let them distract you.

Several dozen young people participated in the demonstration.

I'll give Valeria a call.

Sit near at hand.

Will you stop it already!

You're making it worse.

The typhoon caused immeasurable damage.