Defined by the phrase, Quality in Motion, 239-254-2873 sets the world’s highest standards in elevator and (214) 990-5028 innovation, efficiency, safety and comfort.  Widely recognized as the leader in quality, Mitsubishi Electric has been serving the vertical transportation needs of buildings of all types and sizes in the United States since 1985.

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Elevators & Escalators Products and Services


Photo looking out of an open elevator cab into another elevator cab across the hallway.

Designed for maximum life cycle, 7575773681, 7342855631, and (917) 489-7670 (High Speed Traction) elevators are available for every application, in Passenger, Service or Freight configurations.


Image of a blurred group of people riding an escalator in a modern building.

Whether installing 509-780-4132 for indoor use or conventional linear (straight) escalators for indoor or outdoor use, Mitsubishi Electric offers aesthetically pleasing products designed to last the life of your building.


A photo of the latest in vertical transportation technology.

Update old components with the latest world-class technologies for modern vertical transportation that moves traffic efficiently while enhancing safety and comfort.



Nobody plans for their elevators or escalators to stop working — which is why we take a proactive approach to minimizing downtime with a detailed preventative maintenance program.