I know you're in there.

Smoking is dangerous to health.

Oil spills are bad for the environment.

I think you need some rest.

Beijingers speak Mandarin with a roll in the tongue that no Southerner could ever utter.

Dan is often scolded by his mother.

The bus was full of young children.

In Spain they serve lunch at about two o'clock.


Allen wanted to know the truth.

I know how angry Wayne is.

She had lost the art of conversation but not, unfortunately, the power of speech.

You don't have to be here now.

She is aware of her beauty.

Everybody laughed except you.

Things are getting serious.


I can't live without him.

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I wonder who can swim fastest.


I'm well aware of the facts.


Let's drive to the lake.

Santa lives at the North Pole.

You need to take responsibility for what you've done.

I usually have to change my clothes two or three times a day during the hot summer in Nagoya.

This is mine, and this is yours.

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I sure hope that's not true.


Plastic certainly has a temper.

I was just thinking about something you once told me.

You're hearing things.


Jared and Srikanth looked at each other and shrugged.

There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.

You are sparkling.

He gave me a curt answer.

She felt hurt at his words.


I went to the river.


Elias has a tattoo of a skull on his chest.

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My bicycle needs to be repaired.

Dan helped Linda with her essay.

The morning doesn't happen good.

Could I get you to update this data for me?

Juliet smiled eagerly.

Cars are expensive.

Jitendra slammed the door shut behind him.

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I want to stay home.

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My mother forgot to add salt to the salad.


I told Kuldip to study harder.


I assume you'll be investigating this.

Why can't you ask her for forgiveness?

Do you want her to know about it?

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One civilian was killed.

I lived in Boston many years.

Some people think that it is difficult for a native speaker of English to learn Chinese, but I disagree.

They had been dancing for an hour when there was a knock on the door.

You like French, don't you?

You ought to know.

I think that I wasn't clear enough.

Harold speaks French as well as Loukas.

This city is famous for its beautiful park.

I don't care how much it costs.

Cecilia pressed the pause button.

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In the first place, we must be careful about what we eat and drink.

Teresa is going on a ski trip next weekend.

I didn't try to go any further.

If you'll just sit still I think I can comb out the knots in your hair.

I agree with this proposal.

I know I've been rather beastly today and I'm sorry for that.

They'll take control of the situation.

I have a dream.

I said it was all right.


Bud should be coming with us.

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They took that subject into account.


You'll begin to experience the effects of hypoxia.


I feel exactly the same as Mr Isoda.

I believe that the debate should be carried on.

Have you seen that movie?

Each room has a private bathroom.

You get rusty if you haven't spoken English for a long time.

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He's very secretive.

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Jinchao is able to skate.

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This year again I found a number of dodgy goods so I'll introduce them all here.

The boys were quiet.

We consumers must buy more domestic products.


I wish I could've played better.

I didn't smoke pot when I was in Spain.

What's the minimum wage in Australia?


Matti didn't dare to look at Stephe.

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Donnie didn't let me get away with anything.

It looks nice.

A woman was arrested yesterday for leaving a baby unattended in her car in searing heat.

The waves were tossing me viciously to and fro as I struggled to hold my breath.

I didn't need money.

Are you OK?

I'll consult with him.

What does one profit from this?

Exceptions prove the rule.

I'll talk with them.

That's the idea.

Their common aim was to make the project successful.

I think it's a good idea to spend some time apart so you can see each other differently.

Let's go by bus.

Back then, all the calculations were done by hand.

I wish we could just ask him.

Do you have enough money to buy one?

Saiid says he's not worried.

He promised it would never happen again.

How can a change of attitude be achieved?

She applied for a visa.

Valentin follows orders.

You've underestimated them.

You should keep early hours.

Donna would never do something like that.

He sneaked up behind him.

I only care about him.

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Have you ever dried your hair with a hairdrier?


I haven't been getting enough sleep lately.

Monsanto controls 27% of the world seed market.

French is one of the languages that I speak.

It was complicated.

You should try and get some sleep.

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Vincent had a lot of secrets.

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If you don't want it, don't eat it.

Griff is a brave skydiver.

There are huge snakes on this island.

I don't know how or why it's happening.

We often enjoyed going to the movies.

You and I shouldn't be talking.

Can you give us until the end of the week?

Eva left quietly.

He speaks as though he were afraid of something.

Harris is an engineering student.

Let's not wait any longer.


Step inside.

It is premature to put the plan into practice now.

Why don't you wait outside?

Jeremy knows what the situation is.

I'm staying at my boyfriend's place.

I've done this kind of thing before.

Tor goes fishing quite often.


I really enjoy your company.

The lady's behaviour was always dignified.

Tyler won't be allowed to go there alone.

He led me to financial ruin.

Are you the only ones left?

The world's aviation industry is growing increasingly worried about crashes.

She get about a bit; she's always with some new guy.


Pim has paid his debt to society.


I've been spending too much time with Tal.

Have you told Maarten where Bert lives?

I sent Dan away.

Tell Robert I need to talk to him as soon as possible.

My legs feel heavy.


I'll take this umbrella.

We were enemies.

Anyway, that must have been good.

We're never going to find them.

Is it love?

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I have nothing else to add to that.

Have you eaten a banana pie?

Everything will be OK.

We want to be reasonable.

Ruth asked me how old I was.

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I wish I'd called them.


I have a couple of friends who used to live in Boston.