We are a group of five 1st and 2nd year students at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science from “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, currently going through a mentorship program organized by Innovation Labs.

Our project, the Memory Aid concept, started out from the idea of reminding the user who's under medical treatment of their medication schedule.
We are offering a simple, easy to use solution for a typical problem: forgetting important things.

Memory Aid comes to help people under medical treatment (short or long term), by memorising the patient's medical program and at the same time, helping to better organize it. Based on the user's prescription, the application (web or mobile) will send notifications when it's time to take a certain medication.

The application is easy to use and also comes with a SUPERVISOR account function, which allows a trusted person to supervise the medication process of the patient.

Within our project, we are also developing a SMART STORAGE BOX, meant to help patients with more complex prescriptions. The box helps to organize the medication, comes with a smart lock function and can store up to 3 months' medication schedule. Additionally, the box allows the dispatching of a "drawer", turning it into a mini-smart box in which you can take with you the medication for the day.