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    December 31 can’t come fast enough!!!  What a year it has been for energy investors – almost nothing worked in the upstream (producers & energy services) sector, and the junior sector was particularly hard hit. In today’s short video, I explain to you what The Big Energy Themes of 2018...
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    Meet the Winners of 2019 OGIB Fall 2018 Conference Monday November 19 Hyatt Hotel, Calgary Sentiment for oil stocks is lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut. The best junior producers are now trading under 3x 2019 cash flow.  In 2014 they were trading 8-11x. The opportunity for investors...
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  • The Biggest Bull Market in Energy is VOLATILITY

    As a full time energy investor, I can tell you The Big Oil Stories of 2018 have been: Volatility in oil prices Oil stocks in general never really followed oil up in the first nine months of 2018. There were maybe a dozen stocks in the US that, if you...
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    TrackX Holdings Inc (TKX:TSXv;TKXHF-PINK) is the microcap stock with the proprietary RFID technology rapidly being deployed by multiple NASDAQ/NYSE listed corporations. These are big contracts for a very small company. The impact on revenues and more importantly free cash flows / profits – will be dramatic. To be clear – the...
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  • My Greatest Winner of All Time Will NOT Be an Oil or Gas Stock

    Back in 2016 there was no bid for oil stocks. The sector was dead money — and I knew it. So I went looking to make money elsewhere — specifically, downstream — in search of innovation and disruption in the energy markets. What I found there was something very special —...
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New video: Shh… progress on Canadian LNG

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