Introducing SEN

Panoptic Naturals is a personal research project started in July of 2016 to research and develop SEN: the safest, most effective natural blends of healing topical salves in Vancouver, British Columbia. Inspired and motivated by those around us who were in worse shape from pharmaceutical attempts at solving pain, inflammation and other afflictions; and were unable to use cannabis in the forms currently available. We saw beyond what is available now, towards a future where all safe, effectivenatural solutions are seriously considered before trying a pharmaceutical synthetic chemical drug with possible dangerous short term, and unknown long term side effects.

Our next generation plant based topicals are reported to have more effect than pharmaceuticals,  provide faster relief, and produce very few negative side effects. When it comes to pain relief, the big difference comes from a biologically harmonious approach of encouraging the healing of damaged pain receptors and reducing inflammation using cannabinoids instead of attempting to just numb the pain. If you use this method of pain relief when you keep working during your recovery, there is much less danger of further injury since pain receptors are still operational. By using cannabis extracts topically rather than orally there is no risk of the euphoric mind altering side effects, even when used directly on the head to relieve headaches. Patients that find they are too sensitive to the medicinal effects of THC when consumed orally or vaporised and inhaled are able to achieve the same level of relief without the unwanted altered state of mind.

We’ve blended the natural healing properties of select medicinal plants and organics with a gentle extraction and processing technique to maximise the product’s effectiveness, utility, and stability, without adding unnecessary, potentially irritating unnatural ingredients found in much of what is on the shelf today. Our immediate challenge is to formulate several blends of varying potency that have appealing physical properties for different applications on the skin. Some oils absorb into the skin quickly for a clean application, while other oils remain lubricating and absorb slowly allowing for effective massage therapy. We are also testing formulas with and without naturally occurring scents because we understand that some people are sensitive to all odours while others enjoy the healing aroma of things like chocolate, honey and coconut and will tolerate nutty, earthy scents from unrefined oils like hemp and Shea.

For all inquiries, please email: Erick @ SEN Healing

Ingredient – Coconut Oil



Anti microbial


Vitamin E

Nutrients for healing

Medium absorption, good for massage

Melts into liquid above 24•C and becomes completely solid below 15•C

Ingredient – Shea Butter

Moisturizer (similar to natural skin oils)

Vitamin A (blemishes, wrinkles, eczema, dermatitis; allergies, insect bites, sunburn, frostbite)

Vitamin E (anti-aging, anti-free radical agent, blood circulation)

Healing (wounds, skin rashes, burn)

Ingredient – Cocoa Butter

Emollient, ultra hydrating

Immunity booster

Inflammation reduction


Melts into a liquid above 37•C and is completely solid at room temperature

Ingredient – Almond Oil


Mild anti-oxidant

Cicatrizant (healing)

Immune booster

Emollient (moisturizing)

Sclerosant (varicose & spider veins)

Mild analgesic (pain)

Improves blood flow, relaxes & relieves stress

Mild sunscreen

Vitamin E, A, D and B; zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium

Low absorption & viscosity (excellent for massage)