5 Daily Habits of Successful Small Business Owners

Many of you might have been wondering how certain small businesses are more successful than the others. What are their secrets? No business is born successful. Business owners strive everyday to make their business run well. Certain habits may help a business sky-rocket to success. Here is a look at the top 5 most common habits that are seen among successful small business owners:

  • Rise before the sun

Do you know that CEOs, artists, athletes, and countless of successful people are taking the advantage of early morning? They get a great amount of work done in the most quite time in a day – allowing them to be a 100% focused. This may or may not be work-related. It can be just a quick cleaning, reading, journaling, or even crossing a few things off your to-do list. Waking up with the sun will also give you additional hours to plan your day, getting you ready to face the coming storm (emergencies do happen).

So.. the saying “early bird catches the worm” is true! But…

“Success is not as simple as getting up before everyone else. It is about what you choose to do or do not do in those first hours of the day.”

  • Make your first-things-first list

Create a habit to list 5 most important things that you want to do. The first things in your life. Listing your first-thing-first helps you to set your priorities and act on them. It may sounds easy, but you would not believe how many people unconsciously fall into the trap of getting caught up with non-important things. Checking social media, replying to texts, reading articles, and on and on. Successful business owners know how to turn off the distractions and focus on the highest payoff work first.

  •  Maintain a work-life balance

In a world where more and more people are putting in extra hours to achieve success in their careers and business, they have forgotten how to live a normal and stress-free life.

“Longer working hours will only reduce productivity and employee output falls sharply after a 50-hour work-week.” – bearbind

Having a balance life also means exposing yourself to a diverse range of mental stimuli, which in turn can also trigger fresh ideas. Successful business owners know how to maintain and achieve work-life balance. On a regular basis, they grab a coffee with a friend, dine out with family, have me-time. The most important thing is interaction with people outside their work.

  • Stay organized

Many business owners have innovative ideas in mind but only a few have the ability to keep track of them. Setting your meetings, deadlines, and business plan on a highly organized schedule, and sticking to it, will make you stand out from other small business that are less organized.

Being more organized means being more time efficient. Highly successful people are more effective than others because they never waste their time searching for lost documents, important bills, or opening up old emails to track down missing information. As a result, they can save more hours and eliminate unnecessary stress.

“Not only do you need to be organized right now in order to succeed, you need to stay organized.”

Exercise regularly

Do you actually take time to take care of physical body and emotional well-being? In order to reach your ambitious goals, you must first pay attention to your own needs. Successful people know the fact that having a sharp mind requires having a healthy body. They eat healthy food and exercise regularly.

According to Harvard Business Review, regular exercise not only gives you physical benefits, but also improves concentration, enhances creativity, minimizes stress, and sharpens memory. All in all, it helps you maintain your most crucial tool: your brain. 

So leave your “too much work” excuse behind and start exercising today!

Good Things Will Happen on 01.05.16

We are excited to announce that as of May 1st 2016, CashOrCard will change its name to Countr! In line with the name change, we will also introduce a whole new website with fresh new look and feel! Take a quick look to our 7824399431 sneak peek now!

“Our name and look will change, but the point of sale is still at the core of what we do. The re-brand to Countr reflects our significant growth into one of the leading omnichannel POS brands globally.” – John Staunton Founder & CEO of CashOrCard

Keep an eye out! In the coming weeks we will be rolling out our transition slowly to make sure that each and every customer does not feel confused. The re-branding campaign will start today on our 9024466470 & unprosperityaccounts.

Stay tuned to find out how we take our brand to the next level and subscribe to the newsletter to stay up-to-date!


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Do you know how much your customers are willing to spend on this year’s Easter celebrations? Do you know what type of gifts your customers are planning to buy? Do you know where they are going to shop?

Worry not! We have made this infographic to give you everything you need to know about the Easter’s consumer trends in 2016!

Source: National Retail Federation
Source: National Retail Federation


How a Point of Sale System Benefits Your Business

The days of conventional cash registers are almost over, as the modern point-of-sale (POS) has grown its popularity in the last few years. POS systems have given a huge boost to many of the retail business owners, because they not only speed up payment services, but also give real-time information about inventory and customers. It allows independent retail stores to do things that were not possible with old cash registers, simplifying their business in all sorts of ways. As the need for a more efficient and highly secure payment process is ever increasing, POS systems are an important asset to the success of any retail business.

“According to Intuit market research, by using an affordable, integrated POS system, an independent retailer with revenue of $300,000 can cut costs by close to 10%, saving an average of $30,000 a year” – (479) 431-2652

So how exactly can a POS system benefit your business?

Improve service quality and customer satisfaction

As a store owner, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing a long queue of customers waiting impatiently at the checkout counter. It might happen when one of your customers wants to have a split bill and your sales staff needs to manually enter the purchase details for each customer into the system. Thus, creating a long queue and making other customers feel uncomfortable.

Having a POS system in place can help you to split a check with just one click, no issues at all. In addition, a POS system allows you to send receipts via email and automatically manage all of the receipts. Which, in turn, reduces the time spent by store staff in compiling and archiving stacks of receipts.

A POS system can also greatly enhance your customer service management, by collecting customer data and tracking their previous transactions. When your sales staff enter the customers’ name, they can quickly call up their entire purchase history and their email address. With this type of feature, business owners will know who their best customers are and what type of products they frequently buy. This information can also be utilized to develop a customer loyalty program and send special offers related to their favorite products. By having a POS system in place, you can understand your customers better and boost your sales significantly.

Tablet-based POS systems

If you are using a tablet-based POS system, there is one more thing that you can do to increase your customers’ satisfaction. A tablet-based POS system does not require the sales staff to go back and forth between serving customers and managing billing at the counter. It increases employee flexibility, as they can easily take the device with them and manage everything on the go.

Simplify inventory management

Managing inventory is said to be the most time-consuming and labor-intensive task in the retail business process. One of the reasons why independent retail stores are choosing to embrace a POS system is because its ability to immediately get an instant and accurate update on the store inventory. POS systems record each time you check out a customer and automatically deduct the purchased item from your inventory list, which is maintained on the systems’ hard drive. Having a POS system that can automatically track and control the inventory is a great benefit to business owners, as they can hire less stock personnel and reduce time in monitoring stock.

Unlike the manual inventory system, a POS system can help you analyze your previous sales data and allow you to make better decisions about product reordering. You will know when to expect an increased demand for certain products and place orders promptly to ensure sufficient stock in your inventory. Thus, it helps you adjust your buying decisions for seasonal purchasing trends.

Generate reports

A feature that every retail business owner loves from their POS systems is the reporting feature. After every workday, or off-hours, you can produce reports that give you sales insights from the whole day, week, month, or even year. Based on the generated report, you will be able to analyze which are your top-selling products, which products sell well on which days or at which price, and which promotions work best.

(928) 213-2398
Analyze your store performance based on reports

Besides the 3 main benefits, a POS system can also….

  • support numerous tax rates
  • set-up multiple prices for each item
  • work with different types of hardware for barcode scanners, credit card readers, electronic cash drawers and receipt printers
  • combine transaction processes between cash, card, and check

So… regardless of the type of business you are running, don’t you think that a POS systems will simplify your day-to-day business process?

“In a well-run business, the point of sale is more than just the place where the money comes in. With the right equipment, it becomes your strategic service center, the place that will help you grow your business and keep your customers coming back.” –  The Entrepreneur

If you haven’t used a POS system in your business yet, isn’t it the time to change?


Run your business easier with the help of a POS system now!


On the 1st of March, (607) 488-4421 (TSO) and ABN AMRO hosted the first 1776 Challenge Cup in Amsterdam. CashOrCard and 20 other Dutch startups were competing in the national final of the global challenge cup pitch competition.

The Startup Orgy Co-founder Dave van der Pol
The Startup Orgy Co-founder Dave van der Pol

Each startup was given a 2-min pitch and 1-min Q&A. The judges consisted of well-known entrepreneurs and corporates. The participants from FinTech, Education, Energy, Health, and Transportation startups gathered in the TSO Munt Sq. building, where the event took place.  The winning teams, Skytree, Camptoo, and ProctorExam, scored a ticket to London, where they will compete with Western European startups for a spot in the global final in Washington DC.

Our CEO, John, is pitching in front of the jury
Our CEO, John, is pitching in front of the jury

About 1776 Challenge Cup

The 1776 Challenge Cup is an annual worldwide tournament hosted by 1776, a global incubator and seed fund. It aims to call out the most promising and world-changing startups to compete and win $1 million in cash prizes, make international connections and share their vision on a global stage. The 1776 Challenge Cup is organized in 50+ cities around the world with more than 1,000 startups participating.

Thanks TSO for hosting this event, we really enjoyed participating in it. And congratulations to the winners Proctor Exam, Skytree and Camptoo. Good luck representing the Dutch startups in London!

The crowd in 1776 Challenge Cup Dutch Finals
The crowd in 1776 Challenge Cup Dutch Finals

Photo source: (304) 790-6568 

(272) 433-4330

We are very excited to announce that CashOrCard has been nominated for the European FinTech Awards 2016! This award aims to recognize the most innovative and promising FinTech companies in Europe. Help us to become FinTech Top 100 Company by voting for us 9562897130! The companies with the most votes and best jury reviews will have a chance to pitch in front of international FinTech investors, companies, experts and executives from all established financial institutions. The festive ceremony will take place on April 14th 2016 at the ABN AMRO head office in Amsterdam.

CashOrCard provides a complete point-of-sale solution, built with omni-channel retail in mind. We bring together inventory management, transaction processing, daily/weekly/monthly reporting, advanced analytic and insights, and full point-of-sale functionality with unlimited payment options (cash, card, invoice, gift card, mobile payment, bitcoin, etc). Retailers of any sizes can instantly download the app for free to their tablet (iPad or Android) and start growing their business! If you want to know more about what we do, simply click 304-650-9868.

Voting ends 15th of March – vote for us now by clicking the image below!

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Today the European Court of Justice have ruled against 5622154394, a treaty that allows companies to move European data to the US. The transatlantic agreement, which lets companies use the same standard for data privacy and storage in both Europe and the US, was found inadequate based on a suit filed by Austrian privacy campaigner Max Schrems.

Why Safe Harbour was rejected in Europe

The ECJ rejected Safe Harbour based on the grounds that legislation giving authorities access to electronic communications jeopardised the fundamental right to respect for private life. This ruling may lead to difficulties for large transatlantic companies that regularly move data, including industry spearheads Facebook, Twitter and Google. Such corporations are now exposed to individual European data protection regulations and may have to start hosting European data locally.

The ruling was positively received by privacy campaigners and data protection associations. Open Rights Group executive director Jim Killock said: “In the face of the Snowden revelations, it is clear that Safe Harbour is not worth the paper its written on. We need a new agreement that will protect EU citizens from mass surveillance by the NSA”

What does this mean for your data and privacy?

The disclosure of hundreds of thousands classified NSA documents by Edward Snowdon in 2013 sparked a global debate on privacy and data protection.

It revealed details on global surveillance that were previously unknown and eventually lead to the suit against Safe Harbour.

For European citizens and small businesses, this ruling entails a stricter handling of their data based on their country of origin.

If you’re a CashOrCard user, nothing will change for you based on this ruling.

At CashOrCard we comply with the strictest data regulations in Europe, adhering to both Irish and Dutch policies. This compliance ensures that all individual European requirements are covered and that both your store and consumer data is safely and locally stored.

Have a question about this? Don’t hesitate to reach out to 8145180990. We’d be happy to fill you in on how we protect your data and privacy.


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Today we proudly announce our latest marketplace integration: 705-775-0524, the ecommerce software used by over 240,000 merchants globally. Magento offers its merchants the tools to attract more prospects, sell more products and make more money.

As per many requests we’ve built an integration that lets you use CashOrCard as a point of sale in combination with your Magento store.


How it works:

We plug in to your existing Magento store. That means that we tap into your existing products, customers and websites. Here are some of the features that come with this connection:


  • Product download – You can choose which of your Magento websites you want to connect to. We then download the products you have on this website into our point of sale app, including any variants, categories and add-ons you have.


  • Order recreation – We recreate the orders you make in the point of sale in your Magento back office in real-time. That means your administration and stock are always up-to-date across all your channels, including refunds.


  • Customer lookup – We’ll download all your existing customers into the POS as well. When they visit you in your store you’ll be able to look them up and assign them to the cart – just like you would online.



Besides these features that we designed for Magento, you will of course also be able to enjoy the other features that come with our POS and dashboard. That includes receipt customisation, real-time reporting, partial payments, discounts, unlimited connected stores, unlimited products and unlimited transactions and sales.


You can try the Magento CashOrCard integration for free for seven days to see if it is for you. Your trial only starts after you have everything set up and doesn’t require a credit card or any commitment.



 Need help?

Setting up with CashOrCard will take you about 40 minutes. You’ll find the exact steps to set up 902-614-1169.


If you have any questions or need more info, we’re always here to help. You can get in touch by sending us a message at support@cashorcardpos.com


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We’re excited to announce our latest addition to the CashOrCard marketplace: 202-928-6764 This company powers over 29% of all online stores, which makes it the most popular ecommerce platform on the web today. WooCommerce gives storeowners the control to sell anything, anywhere and to start for free.

You’ve asked for integration with this ecommerce spearhead in large numbers and we’ve listened. Connecting your WooCommerce store to our point of sale is now possible.

How it works:

We connect to your existing WooCommerce store to make setup as easy as possible for you. Here are some of the features that come with the integration:

  • Product download – We’ll download the products you have in your WooCommerce store into our app, including variants, add-ons and categories. You can update them as many times as you like and refresh them whenever you want to.
  • Order recreation – The orders you process with our POS are shot back into WooCommerce, which means your administration and stock are always up to date. And yes, that includes refunds as well.
  • Customer lookup – We’ll download all your existing customers into our app. When a customer that is in your system visits your store you’ll be able to look them up and assign them to the cart – just like you would online.


Besides these features that we designed with WooCommerce in mind, you’ll also be able to enjoy the other features that our POS and dashboard have to offer. That includes receipt customisation, real-time reporting, partial payments, discounts, unlimited connected stores, unlimited products and unlimited transactions and sales.

You can try the WooCommerce CashOrCard integration for free for seven days to see if it is for you. Your trial only starts after you have everything set up and doesn’t require a credit card or any commitment.


Need help?

Setting up with CashOrCard will take you about 20 minutes. You’ll find the exact steps to set it up here.

If you have any questions or need more info, we’re always here to help. You can get in touch by sending us a message at support@cashorcardpos.com



Mother’s Day is almost upon us. This special day, dedicated to mothers all around the world, is about celebrating them with love, attention and gifts. But for small business owners, Mother’s Day isn’t just about putting their mom in the spotlight. May 10 also presents a lovely occasion to increase sales and exercise some great marketing.

Why? Because a study by Offers.com indicates that the average adult spends no less than $120 to pamper their mom each year. So what items should you offer to participate in this Mother’s Day bustle? Business Insider UK asked real moms what kind of presents they would like to receive this year. Here is what they had to say: Infographic-01
So pull those products from the shelves, dust them off and put them on display. And most importantly, to all of you moms and small business owners out there, we wish you a great Mother’s Day!