Manolis told me he wasn't happy here.

Tor was reluctant to go.

Jonathan was my best friend.


I still have a scar on my left leg from a car accident I was in when I was thirteen years old.

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He moved stiffly after doing too much in the gym the day before.

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Turn down the volume.

Your secret's safe with me.

You have my permission to leave.


A man with a watch knows what time it is, a man with two watches is never sure.

I was very sad when Francisco died.

Edmond wanted Harmon to play a song for him on the piano.

Jeff knows nothing about what's been happening here.

Marla certainly came up with some interesting ideas.

Some kids are playing in the park.

Mr Thompson has been very busy today.

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We've been better.

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I wouldn't dream of contradicting you.

I swear, I can't remember the words to my own songs.

The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace.

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Being sick, I had to stay home.

I'm looking for one of my sisters.

Carlos and Mah glared at each other.

Hy really wants to go.

I want you to come with me.

Jerald and I helped each other.

Finally, she arrived!

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Happiness is a flower that must not be picked.


Rolf came home from Boston last week.

Would you mind clearing up a few points for me?

You've parked in my space.

Pratapwant doesn't think it's such a big deal.

I cannot approve of you, my dear daughter, in having taken a liking to a stranger, whom you will probably never meet again.

Don't dig a pit for somebody to fall into, or you will end up in it yourself.

She would never own up to a mistake.

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Wow, thanks a lot.


Do you think Vladimir is unsociable?

I won't bother you anymore.

Do you like my new straw hat?

She rushed home with the good news.

There's no need to go to school today.


Jayant is the best dancer I've ever seen.

I'll scream.

Spock can't come with us.

Teruyuki wasn't expecting this.

I think I met you in a past life.

There's something about Damone.

Why would we want you to leave?


The desert had its own music.

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Stop it! I'm a Giants fan.

As he had worked longer than usual, he felt tired.

yeaa I know it's random, but my douchebag ex cheated on ME so i'm on a manhunt hehe... I found your username on a hotmail directory, I'm Gabby, you are?

The game finished.

I felt a lot better.

The cause wasn't immediately known.

Get in here!

My screw gun is making weird noises.

It's a shame this had to happen to you so young.

Lotteria introduced an extraordinary "Tower Cheeseburger" which can be made by stacking up to 10 patties.

The train is late.

I'll have something for you soon.

That's as easy as taking cake from a baby.

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He does not paint the walls but wallpapers them.

The two old men while away the time playing cards.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

You don't have to be so sarcastic.

I wonder if there would be so many Japanese translations on this site if it were called "Por Ejemplo."

Troy asked me how many guitars I owned.

I don't want to see this anymore.

Let the paper be signed.

Sanford silently shook his head.

When was Germany reunited?

He tells a lie.


When was the last time you made up?

Just sit down and eat.

Her explanation is a little convincing.

Listen, Takayuki. You've got it all wrong.

Kirsten was patient.


I told Granville I thought it was a good idea.

Daniel always looked happy, but never was.

Marcia took out his cell phone so that he could take a selfie.

He has an uncontrollable temper.

I went to see Eddy.

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I have a good idea for you.


Micah is extremely suspicious.

She is by far the best player in the club.

Do you think you really scare me?

Is there anything to eat?

That was a help.

It was only an informal party.

That's how Izzy died.

Is there anything new today?

Do you suffer from sleeplessness?

As is often the case with foreigners, John dislikes nattou.

If your mother only knew, her heart would surely break in two.

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This flower gives off a strong fragrance.


Why does everyone hate them?

Chet came back three months later.

Not only were we hungry, but we were also suffering from thirst.

How can I get to the police station?

Sit here, you'll feel better.


I think it's possible that we may win.


She flirted with him shamelessly.


I think you've got problems.

Run as fast as possible.

Are you sure you're feeling all right?


I haven't thought that much about it.

Guido picked up the remote control.

Do you know why cacti have spines?


It can't work.

The more we have, the greater our desire will be.

Triantaphyllos said he didn't know what Jeanne wanted him to do.

Anton spent a week in Bali with his girlfriend.

Feel free to stay.

When did you open your new shop?

Tammy hid behind a rock.

On December 13, 1981 martial law was declared in Poland.

Everybody should be proud.

Duke gave Pia an envelope containing three hundred dollars.

This is one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen.

Don't give candy to my children.

The cup is filled to the brim.

The job is not suitable for young girls.

Filled with sorrow, the girl looked him in the eye.


I guess that's impossible.

Explaining the risks is very important.

Nobody wants to help him.

I need to know everything that happened.

This is the hospital which I was born in.

Annard said you'd never come.

This description is too abstract.


If you visit Spain, come and see me.

Suu reached in her purse and pulled out her checkbook.

Orchids demand daily care.


Because he was wealthy, he was able to go there.


We should celebrate Halloween together.

Jennie knows the game just changed.

You live in Belfast.

I watch TV all day.

Lorien certainly gave the impression that he wasn't planning on being there tomorrow.

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I don't have many friends.

I'm here to rescue them.

We must get rid of them.

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What did you think of Claire?

I've always been creative.

I took a taxi because it was raining.

This is where I absolutely disagree with you.

The sight of the money tempted him into stealing.

It was a nice day to go to the beach.

Maybe that's why Vilhelm wants to see Marcos.

There are nine girls and three boys in the library.

Nichael is no longer with us.


I'm having trouble deciding where to park.

I am charmed to see you.

Clyde's dog needed to go outside.


Newspapers did not report the news.


Janice isn't as worried as I am.

Stop pretending to be someone else just to have someone in your life. The right people will like you as you are and the other ones won't last.

What made you say that?

I'll get along somehow.

In short, I don't want you to work for that company.

I got up today with a pain in my neck.

Do you like the color of Seenu's dress?

There was no life on the island.

When did you notice Kristin wasn't here?