Of Pizza and Purpose

If it’s a pizza you need to build, build a pizza…otherwise don’t eat it.

When this thought came to me, I was traveling in my mind about the recent changes in policy in the United States. Some policy changes have been abrupt with possible wide sweeping consequences, other changes are mostly blustering noise. With the swirling of the details trying its best to block and keep me blocked, into samsara, into the smallness of events, this thought appeared.

I wasn’t hungry, or desiring pizza. I was in middle of designing a plan, a purpose, of proceeding forward on many levels in my life, and feeling conflicted with desire for driving political change and the desire to let political change happen around me.

I realized that replacing the concept of the pizza for anything that an individual looks to accomplish in their life, and replacing the concept of eating with the person’s life driver, I could see what the message as intending: every action needs intent, and even actions that have begun without intent can be stopped, slowed, or broken.

From this concept, I am reminded that each moment we take action (ksana), we own the results as well as the continued actions that drive the next result. If we are taking actions that don’t align with our goals, stop taking the actions. Don’t eat that pizza.

Failing to stop taking actions on goals that are misaligned ends up with us taking a bite out of something unknown or unexpected. We can’t easily see the results of our actions; we typically live with a blindfold in every moment. Our next bite might be pizza. It might be a sugar candy, or a moldy tire, or a chair arm. But, if we know we’ve built a pizza, then even with the blindfold, it  will not change the most likely outcome of having a bite of pizza.


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