How can I improve for tomorrow?

Get up with a positive attitude. Even if you don't accomplish anything you tried. Let the new day uplift your soul! Nicholas Hoftun

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Aim to ignore it and focus on breathing. Scratch if the itch makes it impossible to concentrate Bernadette Colin Either recognize the thought, don't label it as good or bad, and just allow it to be there- it's ok thoughts wandered, but be aware or…

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Honestly, for me, both Morning and Night are perfect times to meditate, and for different reasons. Morning, for preparation for the day, and Night, for restoration from the day's stresses. Orandino Ribeiro When you are able. I try to do it first thing in the…

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How do you start a meditation habit?

I usually use guided meditations on phone apps. I choose the subject based on my mood and need. During the day I meditate on my breaths and 8 scan my body to release the tension Roberto Morris Get motivated intellectually and spiritually to do it….

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I prefer Zen meditation, not closed, yet not fully opened. Overall the eyes are not so important but the process of meditation itself. Eino Paavola I really think that you should keep your eyes closed. It allows your brain and body to focus and relax….

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What are the benefits of meditation?

The relaxation in the afternoon is like a restart of the morning focus. In the evening I have noticed that my breathing is better through the night. I actually relax my breathing passages. Owen Smith Once you start, you're no longer caught up in the…

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How do you approach your life?

I try to be organized but still flexible. I try to set priorities and stick with them, letting less important things go when time constrains or people need me. First and foremost I try to make sure that my goals conform to Heavenly Father's will…

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How can I calm myself down at work?

Mostly if you trick your mind that you are active and calm you feel more active and calm be hydrated . Love your work just the sensation of loving what you do will make it better . Isaí Das neves Taking a minute to focus…



I think it is better to start with 1 or 2 minutes, then work yourself up. I am currently able to focus for about 10 minutes with a guided meditation, but it would be nice to eventually get up to 15 or 20 minutes. Maurícia…

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