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Fontainebleau is the most popular bouldering destination in the world and a must visit place for every climber.

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Céüse is a perfect summer destination offering excellent single pitch routes on limestone.

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Margalef, situated in Tarragona, Spain, is a true conglomerate climbing dreamland. The area has been rapidly growing since it was established about 20 years ago and currently covers more than 1 400 routes. Even though it's especially known for super hard routes and sends, you're guaranteed to find plenty of high quality routes also for beginners and intermediate climbers - there's about 600 routes in 5th and 6th grade! The rock itself is conglomerate often filled with pockets, and the area is surrounded by beautiful National Park of Montsant. The best climbing seasons are spring and autumn, but when choosing the shady routes it's possible to climb even in the summer! Margalef is also great for families thanks to versatile routes, generally short approaches and safe belaying areas. These amazing .premium topos have been made by Maya Ayupova and Vicent Palau, who have tremendously contributed to the development of the area since 2008 and are also authors of the Climbing Margalef Guidebook.

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Suberb rock quality on versatile sectors, tufas and seaview. Kyparissi is an ultimate destination for those willing to test their tufa endurance!

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In short time Leonidio has established it's place as one of the most exciting new sport climbing areas.

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When you want to combine relaxed sport climbing, sea and culture, Nafplio is your choice.

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Rocklands offers endless possibilities for bouldering on high quality red sandstone and the area has been hyped by professional climbers already for years.

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Kalymnos is one of the most popular sport climbing destinations in the world. Known for super steep tufa lines, but there is so much more!

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Looking for easily reachable world class climbing area that has still remained undiscovered? Or maybe you're interested in versatile routes on limestone and marble combined with possibility for city sightseeing and cultural activities? Look no further. Athens area offers more than 2000 single pitch bolted lines in more than 40 crags and new routes are constantly popping up. In addition there are 4 multi pitch walls with trad lines, plenty of bouldering and a lot of potential for deep water solo. Limestone in Athens comes in a surprising variety of shapes and colors and can create climbing wonders ranging from sheer desperate slabs to highly featured, tufa infested walls. Tufa climbing has a strong presence in the area. In fact, the city’s best sport climbing crags can certainly rival those of Kalymnos’ in tufa climbing goodness. Undisputed king among the tufa kingdoms of Athens is the lost world of Mavrosouvala, a totally otherworldly place in the middle of nowhere. The craziest thing about this majestic stalactite forest is that very few Athenians actually know about its existence. Tufas might be the hype of the era but the true uniqueness of Athens climbing certainly lies on its 2000+ year old man-made marble quarries where the ancient extraction scars are still visible. Apart from its antiquity, marble climbing is very unique in its climbing kinesiology, forming an exceptional mental and physical challenge. Despite its hardcore reputation, Athens has moved forward into being into a climbing destination for all tastes and skills. Many new crags boast a variety for easy routes for beginner climbers.

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Albarracín, also known as the "Spanish Fontainebleau", is a sandstone bouldering paradise. Situated close to Teruel, in the middle of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, it is easily reachable from many airports. The climbing is on high quality red sandstone and offers a great amount of indoor style roofs and overhangs. Besides these Albarracín offers different styles ranging from slabs to some of the worlds hardest top outs! One could though say that a typical Albarracín problem starts with a pockety roof and ends with a mantel on slopers. Due to its unique location in 1200 meters above sea level, Albarracín has almost bulletproof weather. It offers a very dry and coldish climate which suits bouldering perfectly. In addition to climbing, the surroundings and the village itself is a reason why many people travel here. Albarracín is also extremely well suitable for families. Some areas maybe less because of the hike but many areas are close to good paths. Bouldering close to one of the most beautiful villages in the world on great sandstone can't be that terrible of a travel choice? Topos maintained by Albarracín climbing association formed by local climbers who are supporting the forest and the climbing in the region! As in all the climbing areas, behaving correctly is crucial. No littering, no climbing on wet rock, brush away all the tick marks and stay on the obvious paths. In addition, it is forbidden to climb during the night in Albarracín, so no headlamp sessions allowed.

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Magic Wood

With amazing bouldering on swiss gneiss and stunning mountain scenery Magic Wood truly deserves its name.

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Alcañiz, also known as the little sister of Albarracín, is a fast developing bouldering area that can easily grow bigger than it's sister!

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For many climbers, Siurana doesn't need much of an introduction.

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Bohuslän is a trad climber’s paradise which offers potentially the best single pitch trad routes in the world.

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