We're preparing young people for jobs of the future

We challenge students to follow their natural curiosity to solve real world issues by innovating and thinking like entrepreneurs.

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What is the Challenge?

The Future Transport Challenge is an educational program for teams of year 9 and 10 students to explore problems, design solutions and learn entrepreneurial skills. They research real world transport issues, the challenges of global cities and new technologies that offer hope. Armed with this knowledge the students develop a new product or service and create a pitch to sell the idea to potential investors.

Supported by design thinking

Design thinking lends itself perfectly to education by combining mindsets of creative confidence and empathy with the structure of creative tools and processes. In this way, it adds dimensions to project based learning that make for more authentic, engaging and productive student outcomes.

The NRMA future of transport challenge

We challenge students to solve today’s big transport problems by asking them to…

1. Deep dive into the real world transport issues faced by the global cities

2. Identify a need and apply human centred design to create a product or service to address that need

3. Think like an entrepreneur to create and deliver a product pitch to a panel of experts

4. Educate and excite an audience of their peers who will have the power to decide the ultimate winner.

We're here to help

The NRMA future of transport challenge is leading the way by helping Year 7—10 students prepare themselves for the jobs of the future. We challenge students to capture their energy, natural curiosity and creative innovations to solve real world issues whilst teaching them to think like entrepreneurs.

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The YES youth eco summit

Finalists pitch their ideas to a live audience at the Youth Eco Summit at Sydney Olympic Park.

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