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Time is of the essence, Paul. If you don't tell her how you feel now, you'll never have another chance.

Whom are you waiting for?

I went shopping to buy something.

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He arrived the day she left.


I'm learning Korean.

My mother gets up earlier than I do.

I thought the same thing.


Now, why do you suppose that is?

Sorry for all the typos.

The Southwest is the hottest and driest region in the United States. Climate changes pose challenges for an already parched region that is expected to get hotter and, in its southern half, significantly drier. Increased heat and changes to rain and snowpack will send ripple effects throughout the region and its critical agriculture sector.

I found this under your bed.

You've got to get her talking.

I just ignore Curt.

Most of my friends are girls.

What have you been doing lately?

The war resulted from a mistaken policy.


Every day, my brother borrows a new book from the library.

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Kayvan seemed to be somewhat disappointed.

She has nothing.

I should've asked Lonhyn for advice.

We went to Boston to visit him.

He is a fish dealer.

I enjoy looking at my old diary.

I think we'd better talk outside.


Why didn't you follow my advice?

I tried hard to make them stay home, but they refused to listen to me.

I want to be a problem solver.

Have you ever seen anything like that?

Bryce seems to be a good swimmer.

Vulcan philosophy scares the ordinary, because it encourages freeing from emotions.

She was happy with the new dress.


I was watching TV at this time yesterday.


Tourists are the main source of income for them.

The genie asked Trent to make a wish.

I'm certain that Mum will be angry.

Pradeep asked Jun if she knew John's wife.

Part drew his gun and shot.


Pat handed Marek his cell phone.

I'm hoping they'll give me a big raise.

Don't ask me to do that.

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Alex leaned against the mantelpiece.


I hope your plan will work out.

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They compared it with the old car.

This bus is going in a different direction.

You were so great.

Sometimes the old landlady would come by and said "That child doesn't cry", but it was that my babysitting was godly.

He never fails to make some comment about the way she's dressed.

Could you suggest an alternative date?

If drinking is costing you more than money, you should give it up.

Srinivasan is still in love with you, I think.

She was bullied as a kid.

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Ranjit claimed he saw a UFO.

How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?

We are vehemently opposed to political correctness.

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Marla will do his best.

Mike is in the second year of high school and Ann is too.

Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops.

Amedeo shot Arnold with a crossbow.

Jorge is a child.


Perhaps the only adjective in the English language that can follow the noun it modifies is "unknown".

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Though autumn gales are less clement than summer zephyrs, they are more exciting.

I cannot thank you enough for your assistance.

Drop in on us when you next visit London.

I still think about her from time to time.

You never listen. I might as well talk to the wall.


Two people were killed in a traffic accident.

Call me on Monday.

I'm going to get up early tomorrow morning.

It's a roasted egg.

Can I offer you a ride?

Everyone kept talking.

Would you like me to take a look?

What else could one do but remove it?

There is more than enough room for improvement.

This one's on me.

Well, I'm here for you.

Stop slacking or I'll fire you.

Where did it go?


Cindie shouldn't have come here.


Cris has a good alibi.


To tell the truth, he was rather a shy boy.


I've brought a gift for Vicky.

Some brave passengers caught the pickpocket and turned him over to the police.

Would you like me to help you?

If you are free tomorrow, I can show you around Kyoto.

Anatoly will take Jesper's job.


Well, it seems he's paid off his debts, but how on Earth did he arrange that amount of money?


I don't see anything wrong with what you're doing.

Let's wait for a while and see how you do.

I will be very happy to accept your invitation.


Kerri doesn't usually watch this kind of movie.

Don't you like baseball?

Isn't anyone going to thank me?

He was run over and killed.

Another fierce battle was ready to begin.

That's the idea.

My name appears last in alphabetical order.

Real left a minute ago.

John broke the window yesterday.

I couldn't get that song out of my mind.

How old were you when you had your first date?

I wouldn't go so far as to say your theory is completely wrong.

Can we just go home?


I'll give you each thirty dollars.

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I had a pretty happy childhood.

Jesus hates you.

Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.


I have to quit my job.

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It's fun to take a trip in an automobile.

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Ravindranath will be a university student this year.

Rajesh likes watching TV in the evening.

Do you want me to do something?

Cathrin heard something and went to find out what it was.

A small company employs 50 people.

Brenda emptied the wastebasket into the incinerator.

Ricky can take care of that.

Skef has a lot of work to do today.

Don't go there.

They stopped to stare at him.

He had the kindness to help me.


You got back home.

We were never invited back.

Not everyone agrees with you.


A dog jumped onto the chair and lay motionless for five minutes.

I don't know what it's for.

"Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari" is a very good movie.


The fish wants to escape.

Get the kid to bed.

Darryl knows what happened.

There are five ways to emancipate themselves from the bond of worldly passions.

Women, then, are only children of a larger growth.

You're a jerk.

Do you need a ride?

I love bread.

Celebrate! Tomorrow we may die!

Do you know how many cats she has?

He must be crazy to act like that.

I see the moon and the stars.

This book belongs to you.

Pierce tried to buy Trey's silence.

GCC is a compiler while Python is an interpreter.

I'll be good.

I'd like you very much to accept my request.

I know what happened to them.

You ought to do away with this practice.


Kristi ducked down behind his desk.

That has allowed the creation of 4.000 new jobs.

I can't lie to Micheal.

You have very little choice.

I worked in this factory.

She picked up one of the glass vases.

Perry doesn't like cleaning the bathroom.

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The thunder was so loud that we could barely hear each other.

I don't recognize any of these men.

Ed keeps the garbage bags under the kitchen sink.

You have to follow your heart.

It's not blood, it's tomato paste.


This is astonishing.

This book is excellent.

Would you tell her for me?

It's time to leave this place.

You can drive if you want.


The faculty meeting adopted the dean's proposal.