It is important to strengthen the foundation.

Wendy is only interested in good-looking girls.

Thad has been injured.

When do I write poetry?


You're wearing my shirt, Thad.

What's your favorite brand of yogurt?

Glen still isn't so busy.


We just hung out and talked.

This book is interesting and, what is more, very instructive.

I have left out one line in reading.

If Ritchey had had something to throw, he'd have thrown it.

Peggy had plenty of questions.


I really don't like to use this word.

We have an unscheduled stop.

This is an example sentence.

We've got a charter flight waiting to take us to Boston.

Multifilamentary superconducting wires can be used in electric power transmission lines.

Here is your menu.

Please don't tell Graeme.

Why don't you go and see?

What do you conclude from that?

Some say society should be corrected first, but that is to put the cart before the horse.

Aaron was advised by his doctor to give up drinking.

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He hasn't written them a letter in a long time.

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A hard wind is blowing.

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They're leaving.


I didn't know I was hurt.

It has been two years since I studied medicine.

Brenda made it on time.

I want to know when you expect to have the report finished.

Students bustled about all the night.

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They wrote it on Twitter.


Man, know thyself. All wisdom centers there.


He never speaks of the accident.

We can't just let you leave.

David is very active.


You haven't done what I told you yet.

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When did you talk to them?

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Maybe Mohammad can tell us something.


You have to sit down.

Presley asked how much it cost.

She drove a van.


I don't know anybody in Boston.

Dennis assured me that everything would be ready by the time we got there.

We didn't have any customers today.

How can you eat only rich food like this every day.

Father got to his office on time.

I was hoping this would never happen.

Shakil seemed very sad.

She baked bread and cakes in the oven.

I highly doubt it.

I wrote them a letter.

It was a bomb.

I guess both of us know that we shouldn't be doing this.

We nicknamed her "Ann".

I like everything that comes with summer.

An ulcer forms in the stomach.

What a pity that the number of foolish people is more than clear people.

Let's open our minds.


Judging from the look of the sky, it may rain this afternoon.

Joon will go to Boston next summer.

And then the Romans came in 55 B. C.

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We bought it in Boston.

He hung up.

Give us a minute, would you?

I've got a job and I don't want to lose it.

Rudolph talked nonstop for three hours.


The radio is on.


Did you buy anything for him?

Milner had no qualms about lying.

Step back, Satan!

I pigged out over the weekend.

Have you had enough of me yet?

Rajesh said that he was worried about his future.

Don't touch my sandwich!

My brother takes a new book out of the library every day.

I want to be a baseball player.

The most common bell peppers are green, red or yellow.

Did you warn them?

I want to be notified the moment Judy arrives.

Twice I have tried to kill myself.

I am ready to die.

You made me sick.

She taught the child never to play with matches.

Aristotle believed that everything on Earth was made from four elements: earth, air, fire and water.


I just want to be a good person.


American imperialists, in their attempt to break and disorganise the forces of the defenders of peace, democracy and socialism, have established firm contact with the imperialists of the Marshall Plan countries, where they export not only weapons and thrillers, rotten canned food and bubble gum, but also the insights of their "philosophers".

My cat is happy.

It is rumoured that a spaceship has been seen near Shanghai.

I think Wilmer did a great job.

"Isn't she nice? I think we'll get on just fine." "Same here."

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He is often taken for a student.


I don't feel like dealing with Nick right now.

Just relax. Everything's going to be all right.

First thrive and then take a wife.

Joubert made the announcement Monday.

I have a lot in common with him.

Students must keep silent during a class.

She used a zoom lens.

This advice of yours will go a long way toward solving the problem.

The tree was sawn in pieces.

Juliet continued his story.

Hsuan is a big fan of Chopin.

I saw them a while back.

I could not visit today because of my illness.


I want to hear all about it.

I'll come back some other time.

Let's sing some old songs.

This is the very book I have been looking for.

The older one grows, the weaker one's memory becomes.

I don't trust local TV.

I didn't send Harvey anywhere.


"Who do you think will come first?" "It definitely won't be Laurie."


When Winnie was a kid, he became obsessed with the girl who lived across the street from him.


He would often go fishing on a fine Sunday.

It's not every day you get a building named after you.

Those are your enemies.

I can't find my gloves.

Most dinner parties break up about eleven o'clock.


Oh please, not so fast.


We should head back home now.


It is quite a grand view.

Maybe Tobias wasn't hungry.

Sometimes I go and sometimes I don't.

There's a shag carpet in the living room.

Some say that speech is worth silver, but silence is worth gold.


Rolf is still a high school student.

I think Raif knows what he's doing.

It left at two, reaching Rome at four.

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He regretted it afterwards.

Right now, things are tense.

I've never heard anything like the noise he was making.

Morris is a good drummer.

The children were listening to the teacher.


I'm not in the mood to go for a walk.

Noam could explain that.

Willie and Stan are both college students.


Even though Lynne used to be my best friend, I'm beginning to hate him.

This experiment was unsuccessful.

I've been going over the budget.

He probably knows.

Carlos is probably more interested in Cary than in you.

Peanuts are not nuts but legumes.

Walking on a train platform while distracted is very dangerous.

Width is one of the basic dimensions.

I don't want to die here.


He left cost out of account.


The cow is anything but bright.


You've done enough.


It stinks in here.


Our hearts are broken, our spirit is not.

I joined quite recently, a few months ago.

What must he have?

I've always been delighted with the chinese culture.

Harold stopped at a convenience store to get a drink.

What is Elizabeth's real purpose?

I have been wearing this overcoat for more than five years.

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Finishing the report by 2:30 shouldn't be too difficult.


I'm going to release you.