As seen at CES 2018

Zobox Router Rebooter & Zobox Beacon

Two great products now crowdfunding via Indiegogo.

Crowdfunding Projects Are Go

Both the Router Rebooter and the Beacon crowdfunding projects are now running. See links below to get in early and pledge for guaranteed rewards.

Zobox Router Rebooter

Bring your WiFi and Broadband connection back to life when either of those drop out. Performing a reboot cycle Router Rebooter will make your Router smart and the rest of your smart devices more reliable.

As seen at:

Zobox exhibited at Eureka Park in the Sands Convention Center.

Zobox Beacon

Total peace of mind from one tiny box. Monitor objects for movement, track anything or anyone globally and receive alerts when something happens. All from your Android or iOS device. You name it, Beacon can protect it.