I'm an ex-marine.

Nobody else got hurt.


It's bulky.

What an interesting novel this is!

How much did you get for it?

I went to Lanzarote last year.

I know exactly what Norm is up to.

It's not bothering anyone.

That sounds really interesting.

The sun was about to rise.

The magic 8 ball is good for when one doesn't know for what he should decide.

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I really do hate her.

I'm happy to wait.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring three things, what would they be?


Her explanation is a little convincing.

Why did Judy come to Boston?

Were you followed?

When writing for a German newspaper, every few sentences you should replace some grammatical case with a dative, or a noun with its English translation, to make your article linguistically more interesting.

I will eat chocolate.

I'm going to fix it myself.

What's bugging him?

Boys and girls play in the garden.

The rough material hurt the child's tender skin.

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Randell looks very serious.

It just doesn't look right.

He has a square jaw.

I myself was a missionary in Africa.

I think it's time we gave Those some time off.


I'm not a centrist.

His charade attracted negative attention.

I'm going to call Juliane right now.

I've got this under control.

He never had success with women.

She threw a suspicious glance at him.

This is where I was born.

I love your house.

Let me know how it goes.


It seems like Joel is in love.

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I know Randell isn't busy.

I'll miss you.

That's how we do things.

You really just don't get it, do you?

It's cold in my city, Varsovia.

Caleb is heavily medicated.

A committee has been set up to investigate the problem.

I helped him cross the street.

Have you asked Miki for help?


John's mother looks very young, so she is often mistaken for his older sister.

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I just want to keep doing this.

I can't believe I let Siegurd do that.

What are you sitting around for?

When did you and Ramneek buy that?

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Isn't that against the rules?

He who says big, does a little.

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I'm not minimizing the consequences.

Juno will determine the global structure and motions of Jupiter's atmosphere below the cloud tops for the first time.

Cole doesn't even want to go.

I thought you said Michael was a patient of yours.

I need a cigarette.

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My mother could speak five languages.

Who did you make this for?

We need to decide whether to accept or reject your request.

That's not so many.

The length of the frost-free season (and the corresponding growing season) has been increasing nationally since the 1980s, with the largest increases occurring in the western United States, affecting ecosystems and agriculture. Across the United States, the growing season is projected to continue to lengthen.

I often get the blues.

I did something wrong.


It occurred to me that he might not tell the truth.

What are you whispering for?

We'll do it this way from now on.

I'm the one who gave him that.

That's all I was waiting for.

He isn't an American.

BLT stands for bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Shutoku talked to Jean-Pierre late into the night.

There's no more room in hell.


I had a good time while I stayed in the country.

Are you sure about all this?

Where does the answer lie?

You must not look down on old people.

I don't want to discuss this anymore.

Lake Towada is famous for its beauty.

I'm more of an oldies kind of girl.

Sri knows what Natraj did.

Nobody ever saw hide or hair of him.

The alchemists wanted to turn lead into gold.

He is not above deceiving others to get his way.

Weren't you amused?

Julie's story really touched us.

I think we need to call 911.

I'll go this way.

The Tigers lost the game, which was a surprise to us.

All your efforts were in vain.


It's unusually warm today.


Which do you like more: tea or coffee?

"How did the accident happen?" "Nobody knows."

It's not supposed to be fun.


Will you try this on?

I laughed my head off!

She made up her mind to try again.


I thought you already had one.

I know you don't ever want to see me again.

Why? Because Terry Tate always replied promptly, that's why.

I was fortunate to get the job.

This cultivar is the champion amongst mushrooms.

I want all the information about the situation you can gather.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.


I asked Rakhal to open the window.

We need to get her some help.

Even if he doesn't come, we'll have to begin.

It's a scorcher out there.

Johnathan is toying with us.

I planted a tree.

The Time Traveller devoted his attention to his dinner, and displayed the appetite of a tramp.

It was a satisfying meal.

Everybody pulled their socks up, yeah.

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Cary does everything.

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Baby ducks are cute.

Ken took the wrong bus by mistake.

She didn't let me in on her secret.

That's more than enough.

It is expected to be a fine day after some isolated fog and a passing shower.

You ought not to have done that.

Thad decided to wait for another hour.

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Hsuan was determined to finish the job before he went home.

I am scolding my students, not yours.

Did you know Major very well?

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You can't tickle yourself.

I very much doubt it.

Shit, where the fuck did I put my home keys?

The completion of the Suez canal was a colossal achievement.

There are millions of stars in the universe.


Edmund looked great.

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This is out of my control.

You ought not to smoke so much.

I've decided to make something for us to eat.

Stop bad mouthing Nikolai.

Toufic said that shouldn't be a problem.

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Take care.


I want to see this myself.


You stood in the middle of the room, didn't you?

What's happened to him?

It is definite that he will go.


Ning's youngest son wants to be a veterinarian.

As far as I know they didn't hang out yesterday.

Hillary has a tattoo on his left arm.


It was unprovoked.


Greece is a developed country.


What am I going to tell Russ?

You sure guessed the critical points of that teacher's exam.

Glen is an intern.

That's not a bad start.

It's no use trying to find people to play Street Fighter with when you can't explain double quarter-circle joystick motions.

The walls of this apartment are weather-beaten after many years of wind and rain.

We were waiting for you.

Loren reached for the check.

This is the second time I've flown.

Byron told me he was going to kill himself.

The grass looks nice.


You cannot live by love alone.

You've misjudged the situation.

You must be careful not to make him angry.

I have to withdraw some cash from the bank.

There's so much to talk about.

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Robbin has been convicted of drunken driving twice in the last four years.

This is the view from the balcony.

I'm glad to help you.