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PMD Financial Group is a leading purchaser of charged-off consumer debt. We help creditors liquidate delinquent consumer receivables and assist consumers in resolving their financial challenges. In this way, we return value to our credit driven economy. We provide credit originators such as credit card issuers, consumer finance companies, retail merchants, utilities and others an efficient alternative in recovering defaulted consumer debt.

Management and Processing

Execution and Structure

Purchase and Sales Documentation

We offer a wide array of complete services designed to streamline processing and reduce management overhead associated with every level of the debt business.

We are skilled in structuring and executing customized transactions that distribute risk, align economic interests, and satisfy needs of the asset holder.

We are honest and accountable as we work with our associates, clients consumers, vendors and the community.

Sales and Acquisitions


We take a long-term view toward debt sales and acquisitions. We are backed by our experienced and well-trained representatives who take a strategic look at all portfolios purchased and sold to bring our clients the portfolio that best suits their needs.


We have been a proud member of the DBA International. We at PMD Financial Group, support the continued education and enforcement of the debt purchasing industry to further promote a reputable and ethical business environment.


At PMD our goal is to build long term relationships with each of our clients.



We specialize in the procurement and recovery of receivable portfolios.

Our company draws on its 20 years of extensive collection experience to research, procure and recover arrears.


We have partnered with some highly regarded companies in our mission to create a synergy that allows us to function at a high level of professionalism while helping our clients achieve financial freedom.


We are honest and accountable as we work with our associates, clients, consumers, vendors and the community.



We strive to be the leading partner and employer of choice in the financial services industry by demonstrating a high-performance culture.  Working with sophisticated systems, operational excellence and a spirit of responsibility to ultimately benefit our associates, clients, consumers, vendors and the community.  We have an entrepreneurial spirit and long-term vision that enables us to seize and maximize opportunities.


Getting your partnership with PMD started.


During our many years in the ARM industry, we have created and implemented new and innovative ways to maximize profits for all companies we have partnered with. Whether you are just looking for a quick turn around on investment or looking to invest over a period of time we have a program for you.


Type of Programs We Offer:


- Short Term Investment - 1-2 Months

- Investment amount from $50k to $300k

- Portfolio aquisition and sales


- Long Term Investment - 3 months to 1 Year

- Investment amount from $50k to $5 Million

- Portfolio aquisition and sales on a forward flow basis

- Portfolio aquisition, collections, and sales on a forward flow basis


We are experienced in working with debt sellers to create and develop sales strategies that maximize total returns.


What we can do for you to efficiently and effectively maximize your total returns:


- Provide a free consultation

- Portfolio Analysis

- Market Strategy

- Low cost fees for final sales


We will work to create the most efficient and strategic way to market, price, and sell your portfolios. We currently have an extensive amount of national, and state-level buyers who purchase from us on a weekly-monthly basis.  With such a large amount of trusted clients already in place, we can move your files quickly and efficiently.


We offer debt buyers the opportunity to purchase a portfolio that best suits their needs. We can provide a variety of products from a large inventory on a regular basis.


Type of Portfolios We Offer:   Age of Portfolios Offered:


- Credit Cards         - Fresh

- Payday Loans           - Primary

- Judgments          - Secondary

- Auto Deficiencies       - Tertiery


We will always provide you with a data file for your review, along with a Seller Survey, and sample media when available.  Our goal is to help you make the most informed purchase decisions.






Prospective Buyer Due Diligence And Non-Disclosure Agreement


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Non-Disclosure Agreement


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Sales, Acquistions, Putback, and Media Requests

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