Telling the truth is much easier than lying.

That athlete won three times in a row in this tournament.


Gunnar was kind enough to help us.


Patty recognized Donnie's voice.

How did he know my name?

Do not touch the fruit!

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I should probably lose a few pounds.

Come to us.

I had a premonition of Marian dying.

I hope Rolf doesn't notice.

You're such a stickler.

The road runs right by my house.

He is high in favor with the youths.

I was eating lunch when the phone rang.

I will have finished reading this novel by the time you come tomorrow.

I didn't read the whole thing.

We give this town to the Serb Nation.


That wasn't true.


There's a movie theater on the corner.

We talked about a lot of stuff.

I understand, but I don't know how to answer in Kadazan language.


Everett can draw a perfect circle.


You must help me save her.

Of course he thought it was a joke and let it slide with a "hm?" but he was seriously annoyed. I mean, just don't say things like that even as a joke!

She reminds me of someone.

I am drooling like a dog.

You really should talk to her.

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If the weather is bad, we won't go out for a walk.


Radek caught a fish with his bare hands.


Marsh was very frustrated.

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Let's try to focus on the big picture first. We can take care of the minutiae later.

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We've heard a lot about this place.


Elliott is doing very well.


My political affiliations are none of your business.

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I heard that Neil kissed Cathy.


Sir wants to stay single.

Why didn't you say so?

This might be something we can use.

She would have to be a real princess.

Natraj hasn't been to the supermarket in a long time.

When did I ever lie to you?

I'm none the wiser for his explanation.

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Be very quiet.

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Saqib is divorcing Amy.

I think I smell something burning.

I've had a really good time tonight.

According to the thermometer, it's thirty degrees.

You'll be told where to go.

It's too risky to fight them at a place they choose.

Mr. Tanaka can play the piano well.

No isn't fat.

I'll meet you at the bus station.


The job is as good as done.

He drank a cup of tea and then asked for another.

A possible explanation would be the formation of pore-like structures.

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"Whose cards are these?" "They are Fahima's."


I want to be ready as soon as I can be.


Adam was obstinate.


Rich is very safety conscious.

He is the richest man on earth.

At what time?


Cook the soup in the house.


It is a pity you cannot come.

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I met her at the station by accident.

That may not be true.

Can we extend a hand to the people in the forgotten corners of this world who long for a chance at security and justice and a life shaped by the wish for dignity?

There is no man but loves himself.

Even though I sleep too much, I'm always tired.

Doner Kebabs are one of Germany's most popular fast food dishes.

It seems that Brender is upset about something.

Marie admitted defeat.

There nothing so difficult but it becomes easy by practice.

You gave up too soon.

The police said they were going to release Courtney.

I've been mugged before.

Have you really talked to her?


We don't know yet what will come of it.

You can call off the search.

It's one of the biggest mysteries in science today.


He picked up the ash-tray.

In ten years, all households will have Internet connection.

I think I can complete this task by myself.

Is that a boy or a girl?

Jiri refused to help Panzer escape.

I plan to work the rest of the summer.

The human space explorers could not make sense of the well-preserved ancient alien machinery.

I am in a hurry.

She hid herself for fear of meeting the man.


Bjorne and Pilar went spelunking.


I have the feeling that I understand.

This is too big for one person to carry.

More and more environmentalists advocate and use environmentally friendly unleaded petrol in cars.

Answer me right now.

Both Win and Valeria were impressed.


The province supplies its neighbors with various raw materials.


I'm following up on your last e-mail.

He does not like what the journalists have said.

Gunnar met Rodent here.

You bring the bagels.

Kusum is worried about losing his job.


I assume you would like to meet Pratt.


Susumu took thousands of pictures.

What do you think they'll do this afternoon?

He is reluctant to go to the college.

Can you do without the car tomorrow? I need it.

What's your favorite summer sport?

Elric definitely doesn't like Brandi.

Today, you might get arrested.


Casey paid the driver and got out of the cab.


I must apologize to Billy.

He does appear.

Just tell her I called.

Can they hear us?

I asked many persons about the store, but no one had heard of it.

Kee's family sold their farm and moved to the city.

The "Grexit" means a Greek exit from the euro.

His salary is 250 thousand yen per month.

Do you actually want to insult me?

He was stiff about it.

We're getting ready for Pria's visit.


Felix showed me a picture.

The curtains don't go with the other furnishings.

The circulatory system consists of a short and a long circuit.


You must be more careful about spelling and punctuation.

Every new day you feel good.

They didn't have to speak about our school.

Diana doesn't have a theory.

Women were very aggressive with children.

Sergio has a clock just like the one Gerard has.

The surface of the object is fairly rough.

What he meant by those words finally dawned on me.

I'm talking about you.

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I've heard that Coleen wants a divorce.

I don't have anything except for ten books.

The child was hot with fever.

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I call him Mike.


I'm satisfied with the results of the exams.


They'll be like "ahaa!"

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Do you know any good restaurants near here?

I didn't look at them.

I'm so bad at it.

I don't intend to leave it to chance.

I hear that you'll have a meeting today.

Raise your hand when I call your name.

A drop of mustard fell and stained my tie during lunch.

I still have big plans to come and see you.

His hands were red with blood.


I'm beside myself with joy.

This book is written in such easy English that even beginners can understand it.

I hardly ever see you anymore.

I don't think I want to answer any more of your questions right now.

The pay is terrible.

I'm so excited I can hardly wait!

We are apt to watch television, irrespective of what program is on.

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Clyde's dad loved to study the stars.