How it works

SIGNUP SIGNUP We get your personal details here
PAYMENT PAYMENT Hassle free payment process using your credit card
MEMBERSHIP MEMBERSHIP Store all your personal information & access them anytime anywhere
ENGAGING INTERFACE The system provides a consistent user experience no matter what device you use: phone, tablet, desktop or laptop.
Simple Look and Feel Simple look and feel
Easy to Navigate Easy to Navigate
Consistent Design Consistent design
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Security You Can Trust
Authentication A user can only access data once he has logged in. No data is available prior validating the user account
Firewall protection The data saved with us is secure behind a firewall which makes it safe from hackers
HTTPS PROTOCOL Subscribing to our services involves payment via credit card. The payment is made using a secure HTTPS layer which adds additional security

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Family Family
Car Car
Filing Filing
Medical Medical
Emergency Emergency
Shopping Shopping
Living Room Living Room
Kitchen Kitchen
Dining Room Dining Room
Recreation Room Recreation Room



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