In Restaurateur you play as one of several aspiring restaurateurs trying to start a successful business in a budding metropolis. The restaurant industry (in Southwood) is extremely challenging with fierce competition and a very high rate of failure. In order to be successful you must balance hiring new employees, training existing employees, advertise to gain customers, choosing profitable locations, and generally edge out the competition wherever possible. Each turn you must wisely manage your finances to ensure you have the funds available to pay your employees and ultimately carry out your strategy to make your business flourish. Hire the right employees and manage your employees for maximum productivity. Carefully plan your menu and expand your market. Carefully plan your menu to highlight the culinary skills that you have mastered.

Restaurateur: Print & Play

A free print and play version of the game for all the PNP fans out there. The images used are exactly the same that are provided in the Logo version of the game. Click below to download the file which contains all the necessary to play the game.


Restaurateur: Prototype Edition

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Restaurateur: Retail

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