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We are creating a Machine Learning and
NLP driven platform to make healthcare
universal and almost free.

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Who We Are

We are a group of entrepreneurs who believe healthcare should be universally accessible.

BasicCare is an AI based platform that provides diagnosis by listening to the user in their natural language, and using the patient’s trusted pathology reports fed from the backend by collaborative testing centres. BasicCare is democratizing healthcare for everyone by revolutionising the healthcare system to provide diagnosis at almost free of cost. Speak to the platform in your natural language, in your own dialect. Just like you would talk to a real doctor. Accessible from every device, from a feature phone to your laptop.

Debargha Ganguly

Founder and CEO

Shekhar Chatterjee

Chief of Backend development

Ashin Joshi

Chief of Data Science development

What We Do

We provide next to free healthcare to everyone.

In India, one government doctor serves 10,189 patients, and one state-run hospital serves every 90,343 citizens. There is a shortage of specialists at rural community healthcares (CHCs). Approximately a 100 million people in India live more than 100 Kms away from a healthcare centre. People cease to exist because they don’t receive the right kind of medical help at the right time, and we aim to solve this problem for them.


Runs on any device with a microphone attached. The core data transmitted is also be routed through a processing engine. A backend application receives the call, handles the necessary interaction, and stores the passes the FLAC file required by the speech to text conversion engines.

Core-Diagnostic Engine

The core diagnostic engine works on machine learning based models that eliminates the doctor’s bias from the process. With the capability of diagnosing something with a confidence percentage ensures that the all possible diseases are considered at the same time.

Most Dialects Supported

There will always be a language barrier between the patient and the doctor in tertiary languages. BasicCare solves this by using state of the art speech to text conversion engines that can take input in any language, and any dialect.

Medical History Analysis

Through diagnosis of various illnesses over time, the platform records and interprets a medical history of the patient. This data is then analyzed on a learning curve to predict the likeliness of a disease in future.

Platform Independent

Though limited features run on the device and most of the data processing, natural language processing and diagnosis is done in the backend, so you do not have to worry about the lifeline of your diagnosing device.

Open Source APIs

BasicCare through Open Source APIs is willing to contribute with Open Source Community developers who are willing to use the diagnostic platform and are aligned with our vision of making healthcare free and accessible.

What We Do

We to the healthcare industry what self driving cars were to the automotive

Bleeding edge implementation of natural language processing allows us to understand the semantics of what you're saying. Machine learning based proprietary algorithms help us predict your diagnosis with a confidence score attached.


Independent to your dialect and language, NLP will do the interpretation for our platform to diagnose.


Our algorithms will diagnose the symptoms and look for the most accurate match to your symptoms.


BasicCare will suggest you medicines, or most suitable treatment. The platform learns through patient's health record over time.

Risk Estimator

The platform will regular store and analyze your health data and warn you of any health related shortcomings.

B$ Market Size by 2020
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Contact Us

Get in touch with us, and help us change the world of healthcare.

basiccaredev@gmail.com +91 836 960 9636 / +91 886 617 5570

Where To Find Us

Centre for Entrepreneurship
Ashoka University, Haryana
131029 IN