Turn Feedback into Revenue

Transform the growing amount of customer comments into distilled User Specific Insights

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Understand the new Customer

Your flight crew just broke his guitar. What is he going to do?

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Do you want to know what is being said about your business?

Monitor and decide your actions using your 'Net Emotion Score' (NESTM)
CX Analysts

No more developing models from scratch. Real-time modeling and reliable analytics from all sources of unstructured data.

Customer Care

Tired of waiting to have your next NPS®? We created NESTM to provide real-time, accurate benchmarks of how customers are feelling about you and your competitors - right now!


Overwhelmed with customer data? Because only a fraction of the information out there is really useful, we select all relevant issues from all sources of customer input!


Actionable insights for managers who need real-time information about their customers' perceptions.

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Through a unique patent pending Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, WholeMeaning can read English and Spanish, like you do, but thousands of times faster and much more accurately, allowing you to have the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you need to take action.

Latest technologies for emerging trends in consumer behavior


We provide reliable insights for you to answer any question regarding the 'Voice of the Customer' in real-time.

Root Cause Analysis

Our algorithms provide detailed understanding of the underlying causes for recurring customer problems and how these issues are influencing the perception of your company.

Smart Routing

Automate delivery of support tickets, complaints and inquiries to the appropriate personnel.

Churn Detection

Our SaaS-based proprietary Predictive Engine uses industry specific models that allows you to discover issues leading to attrition thus avoiding the loss of valuable customers.

Brand Monitoring

Perception is reality. We keep track in real-time of all relevant conversations abour your brand, products and services. So if something is starting to go viral about you or your competitors, you can react before is too late.



If you have used any of the traditional NLP systems, you will immediately understand how we are different...

Industry Leading Accuracy

Our algorithms classify all forms of unstructured texts into hundreds of meaningful categories with greater than 90% accuracy.

Plug-n-Play Linguistic Models

Our models combine semantics, grammar and pragmatics to classify customer feedback into tailored categories for industries such as Banking, Telecom, e-Tailers, etc. Our engine utilizes context aware linguistic packages in both English and Spanish - not just keywords.

Net Emotion Score (NESTM)

NESTM is the perfect complement to NPS® without the need for surveys. NES provides real-time, actionable insights based on all negative comments of customers about for company and your main competitors.

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