Export Markets Look for Credibility and Leadership

Small and Medium Sized Businesses are being Encouraged to Export and the Great Opportunity out there is that Businesses Outside the EU are looking for Suppliers; Buyers and Potential Business Partners - No Matter What Happens with Brexit.

If Brexit happens then there will be more opportunities to export.  However, if you have "Solid Services" to offer, then there is no reason why you should not be taking advantage of the overseas markets now!

The UK Government wants to encourage UK businesses to Export, see my last wriggly

There are actions you can take to be seen better by your potential customers whether they are here at home or abroad.

Want to Get Noticed?  Then Read On...

Government Encourages Small Businesses to Export

Promises of help given by UK Government in respect of developing export trade for family businesses.  The news is welcome especially as data shows the where firms export, they are more stable, more profitable, and are finding customers very willing to deal with them.

David Has Published a News Release, You can read it here!

To Date there has been excellent overseas coverage of the New Release about Brexit and how there will be life after Brexit.

See the coverage report from Google Here

Listen to the News Report Below


Stop Press - David Birchall of Artemis Media UK publishes a News Release...

David Birchall published News Release in Dgital JournalThe distributive power of News and Press Releases can be brilliant for small and medium sized businesses.   Even if your News Releases are published across the USA and further afield Google UK soon picks them up and indexes them giving more power to your elbow for building your On Line Street Credibility.

Especially when your piece is set alongside industry guru's like Mr Buffett.

In this piece I am calling for all UK small and Medium business owners to take action on getting their businesses known and to Stand Out From Your Competition no matter what happens over Brexit.

Whether we leave or stay aligned we have to make sure countries across the globe know we are here and are good at what we do.   Remember millions of other businesses will be chasing customers as well.   Make sure you have the edge and are seen as Authorities, Leaders and Experts at What You Do.



What Do We Do?

At Artemis Media we work with a qualified group of Business Owners, Professionals and Service Providers.

All of them have a passion and willingness to be an Educator and Advocate for the success of their customers and clients.

We help them Transform and Re-brand as Subject Matter Experts in their field of operations the outcome of which is to Get Them Recognised as Leaders, Experts and Authorities in their chosen fields.

Dave Birchall, author, educator and advocate for your successOnce an exclusive resource to Big Brands with huge marketing budgets, Digital Media Positioning and Marketing is now being used by Small Businesses thanks to the new technologies and The Internet.

Digital media positioning is the Marketing and Placement of People, Products or Services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also includes mobile phones, display advertising, Radio and any other digital mediums.  Not forgetting Traditional Forms of Advertising and Marketing, in fact its about integrating how you become known and recognised across the whole spectrum for you expertise and authority in your field.

Why Should You Take Notice of This?

Because The Digital Economy Attention Span means you now have only 8.2 seconds to grab the interest of a potential customer.  Only two or three years ago we talked about website owners only having 17 seconds to get the interest of a visitor and prospective customers.  But now that has halved.  This means you have to focus and target your marketing more and Build Trust quickly.

Whether you are a sole trader, a small or medium sized business you now have the opportunity to rival the big brands and stay ahead of your competitors through the use of Digital Media Positioning Trust Triggers.


Rebecca Hanson of Authentic Maths explains how useful she found the processes for claiming her Authority Positioning and Branding.  But we'll leave that for Rebecca to explain...

What Rebecca Hanson of Authentic Maths Ltd Had to Say About Her Interview on Our Radio Channel

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I was just interviewed on Business Innovators Radio - Blank We are offering an interview on Our Business Innovators Radio channel and it's FREE.

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Online Radio is a great place to build your Market Positioning and Branding, using Book Publishing, News Releases and traditional Marketing

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You Don't Have to Be On Page 1 of Google to Win Business!


Whilst Search Engine Optimization (SEO) still has relevance, it is no longer the be all and end all of Internet Marketing.   To succeed you have to be where people are looking for your goods or services.  On the web, in Social Media, in On Line Ads, and more than anything else cited or recognized around the Internet for your experience and skills.

That is where Branding, Positioning and Authority come in!

Loraine Birchall - Partner Artemis Media - Branding and Authority Positioning Expert

Loraine Birchall