Tigger's opinion is, that both Britain and the European Union would be happier if they got divorced.

I took the word, because I could no longer hold my silence.

Let me just look at it for a while.

Matthew is doing the laundry.


We should save some cake for Ralph.


All I found in the pantry was a sack of hard bread.


He is above deceiving others.

She was forced to say farewell to the city of her birth.

I think I have the answer.

I do my English homework in Latin, my Latin in Economics, and my Economics before school.

You are the very man I want to see.

Hey, you can't go in there.

I can't watch this any longer.

Joubert doesn't need a coach.

This is an eye.


Mrs. Jones is often unpleasant to her husband's secretary over the phone.

I was born on January 22, 1933.

I had my suitcase carried to my room.

It doesn't matter who pitches, that team always loses.

Frederick gave me this hat for my birthday.


What are xenoglossia and glossolalia?

She remembered the first day she went to school.

Louise hardly smiled.

Ami arrived eight days ago.

I don't know if we can count on that.

I asked what Gil was reading.

Rolfe is quite methodical.

You were the most beautiful woman at the party tonight.

Stan stopped taking his medicine.

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The small thug beat up the convenience store employee.

Atuqtuaq is an apprentice at soapstone carving.

I would rather stay at home.

Nothing is as precious as friendship.

I need a sincere girlfriend.


The problem is that Oscar doesn't get along with Kenn.

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I'm sure Philippe will help you in the garden.

He was tired from reading.

I will not date anyone who is not cute.

Let me help you. Your bag looks very heavy.

Mr. Satoyama's work made a big impression in the world of haiku.

The modernisation plan has completely changed the character of the country.

There are some strange animals in the zoo.

You should feel confident.

Japan is situated in Asia.

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Nobody is paying attention to Juergen.


Here are your boarding pass and your baggage claim.

I will make a video for you.

Social unrest may come about as a result of this long recession.

Two trains collided in Southern Italy.

The boy lay on his back, basking in the spring sunshine.

I gave the beggar what money I had.

As usual, Mike turned up on time. He's very punctual.

Joseph will be OK, won't he?

I'm so tired - I worked all day long.

She is definitely innocent.

I'm sure you knew that.

When it's spring in the Northern Hemisphere, it's autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

Kees pretended not to notice that Edith was looking at him.

There was very little in the way of entertainment.

He is a rich but dull man.

Ukraine became independent again when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.

We'd better hurry.


Bert has three cars in his garage.

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Does Dieter earn enough money to live in the city?

I'm a conservative.

The train station is located downtown.

What will I do in Rome?

I certainly hope not.

The young woman under that tree looks sad.

The typhoon brought lots of rain to that area.

Ad-hoc councils of town elders slowly evolved into militias.

I've known that all along.

Your bag is on my desk.

I'm not giving up on you.

Last summer, I finally left the firm that I had joined twelve years before.

It's never been harder for us to work than this year.

Dion doesn't write to me anymore.

The discussion went on till late at night.

Hi! Just checking to see if you are free tonight.

He is a man of high social status.


The frantic shouts and screams of the excited household and guests made the confusion indescribable when it was found that scarcely anything of the costly building could be saved.

Do you want to go to the mall with us?

Is Dani in pain?

Is this made out of wood or metal?

I used to babysit him.


You don't mean that, I am sure.


I never touch beer.

I suggest we leave before the guards see us.

Coleen seems to recognize that guy.


We banqueted on lobster that night.

The cold is intense.

The parents are criminals!

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The mailman emptied the mailbox.

He had three sons who became lawyers.

I would like to punch Pierre in the head.

The thing speaks for itself.

I'm sorry that you can't join us.

Shawn made breakfast.

He would often sit for hours without saying a word.

The number of members will grow quickly.

She is jealous.

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I think it's unlikely that Matthieu would ever move.

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Kayvan suffers from chronic back pain.

Chet and Boyce have just left.

Jakob's hair is on fire.


Could you make it a little shorter for me?

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He had not been employed by the company two years before his linguistic abilities were recognized.

Everyone laughed except us.

Beware that you don't get into trouble.

There's an exception to every rule.

Travelling is easy these days.

Lindsay is now legally blind.

We can do a lot more than that.

You're impressed, aren't you?

I'd really like that.

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Am I older than you?

I clean my teeth before I go to sleep.

This maniac is capable of anything!

Pravin hasn't spoken to me about it yet.

He got up at eight in the morning.

I didn't know what I wanted.

Her unusual behavior gave rise to our suspicions.

Did Jayesh get up early this morning?

"You're a very attractive woman." "And you're a very attractive man."


I'm pleased you like it.

Take off your jacket and empty your pockets.

What would he like to be in the future?

I have more experience than Clarence.

Please don't tell him.


The incidence of people travelling on fake or stolen passports is not as rare as people would like to think.

Sonja is scared now.

Come on, let us talk about flowers.


The best way to see my home town is by ferry.

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He worked against the opinion.


Let the fathers be fathers and the sons sons.

When I was small I was one of the few boys on the street who didn't like soccer.

Allan hopes to inherit a lot of money when his mother passes away.

Can you charge your phone now, please? I need someone to talk to.

Bill brought me the book.


Can you please repeat that?

I got you something.

I'll bring you something to eat.

How long do we stop here?

That's not a good enough answer.

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Could you lend me a helping hand?

If you dislike my way of doing things that much, why don't you just do it yourself instead.

You seem to be better.

We're not that close.

Heinz is beginning to recover, but he's not out of the woods yet.

Juliet loves the movie Frozen.

We have never been richer.


Do you still love her?

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Valentin says he needs to ask Jacobson who's coming with us on the picnic.

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There are no perfect women, nor perfect men.

We weren't allowed to go into that cave.

Do not touch the plug of the AC power cord with wet hands.

Have you ever dyed your hair?

We should not resort to arms to settle international disputes.

I'm Irish but I don't speak Irish.

How long will you be at your aunt's house?


Hey, I'm only trying to help.


Lowell, I asked you a question!


When you have food allergies, eating out is difficult, isn't it?

I didn't want her to worry.

On the seventh floor, you can find four luxury restaurants.