I need something for a child.

Hearing this news puts me at ease.

You don't look your age.

Maybe Michel doesn't have children.

The thief stole my car.

The box is covered with a large sheet of paper.

We'd better wait.

It's hard to know where to start.

It's better to be safe than sorry.

I don't want you working there.

Don't tell Father about this.

How hungry are you, Liyuan?


I want to sleep now.

Is it really possible?

They are indifferent to politics.

You could really do with a haircut.

I'm ready to move on with my life.

What are you really doing here?

What is the name of this street?


Where's that music coming from?

Israel lost his favorite pen.

I tried to keep up with them, but eventually I fell behind.

I'm really looking forward to relaxing this weekend.

I used to think that taking walks was a waste of time.

This is unbearable!

As soon as he went to bed, he fell asleep.


I'll mention it to her.

It's a miracle you survived.

I shall want an explanation of your behavior.

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I'm not that disappointed.

Could it have been her?

You can always text them.

"How's your sister?" "My sibling is non-binary, and they don't appreciate being called my sister."

She died in 1960.


Hsuan was raised by his grandfather.

I'll buy one of those computers if they can sing you a different song each morning.

In case you haven't noticed, I've been waiting for two hours.

I question your sincerity.

The bar is busy.


You have to sit down.


We're listening to music, and you?

Their hands were cold.

You're making us nervous.

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What he did was against humanity.

We gave away everything we owned.

Sekar's son, John, died of an overdose at age seventeen.


Duane had a rough day.

He sat reading a magazine, with his wife knitting beside him.

Brender is always trying to be cool.


When a dog is very hungry, it devours its food.

The campaign succeeded and he won the election.

I don't think Curtis kissed Donal.

We'll go see her.

Let's not waste time talking about things we can't change.


She's itching to dance.


Computers are really selling like hotcakes.

You're stalling.

I think Sanjay is suggesting that we should leave.

They didn't think any of my suggestions were any good.

Catherine was shocked by this.


Do you think we can get there in time?

Some believe that the British Royal Family is directly descended from the line of King David.

You've stalled the engine.

She became a shell of her former self.

He attended the meeting in spite of illness.

He never boasted of his success.

Whose idea was it to pitch the tent here?


That's likely to be a problem.


"Oh, well..." thought Dima. "I suppose that I can't be picky at a time like this."

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Do you really want to do this now?

Where is the entrance to the museum?

It seems that the children will have to sleep on the floor.

That's what I was hoping you could tell me.

With the weather improving, players began running on the sports ground.

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You've done better than that.

You mustn't despise him because he didn't win a prize.

I'll be with you in a moment.

Why would Petr quit?

I don't know off the top of my head.

I was walking, not driving.

No additional information is available at this time.


I have a pet train I sometimes take to work. It makes the office all sooty though.

Have you reconsidered?

The market is big.

Betty read four stories during the vacation.

The baker in front of City Hall increased his prices.

I sat back in the armchair and opened the book.

Are you sure this will work?

Hugh is on the loo.

After school, I go to an English school to practice English conversation.

There was a car accident near here, wasn't there?

It's a shame the way old people are treated.

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We don't have time to debate.


The book was split along its spine.

Bertrand was one of them.

I can only speculate.


You only have to be here at six tomorrow morning.

The Japanese government made an important decision.

Tad says I'm beautiful.

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It's very normal.


The baby began to crawl.

There are many wild animals in this forest.

Everybody's a suspect.


I recommend this movie to one and all.

He motioned for me to follow him.

We have just a tiny bit of garden.


Pete's interesting.

Floyd pulled the chain on the closet light.

What do you have against Harvey?

I'm quite agreeable to doing my duty.

Did you see him that night?


Trent's illness resulted from eating too much.


"It would be cowardly of us to turn back now", the exhausted rebel leader said scratching his chin, "we should go forward to the bitter end."


What natural foods help curb the appetite?

I'll be right here if you need me.

The process of artistic creation isn't necessarily akin to factory production.


I heard a man's voice.

Don't be overconfident.

The airfield on the island is now covered with weeds.

Knowledge is nothing; imagination is everything.

I thought you liked parties.

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Shakil won't help us.


Why don't you sit with them?

Stay away from the pond.

This picture reminds me of when I was a student.

Who else do you want on your team?

I am Japanese.


I bet you don't remember me.

We can't rush these things.

Have you ever assembled a computer by yourself?

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Oh, you'll get used to it soon!

Rain is wonderful.

Bertrand has never visited an Islamic country.

If I have made a mistake, excuse me.

There exist several stars which are larger than our Sun.

The rich sometimes despise the poor.

He was suffering from a bad headache.

He looked at the cows in the fields.

Here's what I think happened.

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Hearing a strange noise, he jumped out of bed.

I don't take life lightly.

They made him an offer.

Don't look at me that way, I haven't done anything bad.

For one thing, I am poor; for another, I am busy.

The creek was frozen.

I think you should help me.


How much memory does your computer have?

Rod was always busy.

She died of thirst during the drought.

I'll bet my bottom dollar he'll succeed.

There are no more than six persons here.

Is Jesus too sexy in the movie "Son of God"?

I would like to be your pen pal.

I would like to ask you a favor.

Bart is acquainted with Damone.

I don't know what she knows.

He arrived here safely yesterday.


Who makes the schedule?

Christophe's credit's good.

Sharada hasn't slept a wink.

We grind wheat into flour.

The food at the party was really incredible.


Jinny woke up when he heard the dog barking.