You've been doing a pretty good job so far.

All of us like her.

I guess I'm not all that busy.

Do you want to hear about what Vernon did?

She thanked us for our help.

The President is leaving for Paris next month.


A dog will bark at strangers.

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I was walking down the street when suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder.


Amarth enjoyed himself a lot at the party.

This is interesting indeed.

He is least likely to come.


Can you tell me who's coming tonight?

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I understand the reason for it.

I'll have Eileen call you back.

Can you give us his name?

Today was still tomorrow yesterday, but today will be yesterday tomorrow.

Drink more water.


Daren is sweet.

If by some chance Jason calls me, tell him I'm not here.

I have done all that I can.

We didn't order these.

Bob helped me.

A man must work.

Is it time to eat?

I didn't plan on being caught.

Got the tools in my pocket.

He has eyes in the back of his head.

I want you to know I'm willing to help if you need me.

Vilhelm seems to know just about everybody.

I don't think I can hold on much longer.

The branches were bowed down with oranges.

Why don't you all just shut up?

Give me a break, would you?

What's your home phone number?

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Delegates debated the compromise for many days.

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Boxing isn't like other sports.

The ring I gave her had a tiny stone in it.

They are leaving in three days, that is to say June 10th.


He loves the son.


You're all doomed.

You aren't wrong.

Come again.

Are you worried about anything in particular?

I told you to wear a tie.


I'm going to figure out a way to blame this on Dean.

I have been deceived by the man who I thought was my best friend.

I think Sho is heroic.

Pravin's mom loves the dog more than her.

I sent him a book along with a card.

Leora was on television last week.

Anderson was impressed with Mosur's effort.

During prohibition days, racketeers used to rub each other out to get control of the rum-running racket.

I won't give in to you no matter what.


Guido wasn't interested in learning how to cook Chinese food. He just wanted to eat it.

At first he hated her but gradually came to love her.

Srinivas speaks with a Cockney accent.


No woman dares to refuse love without a motive, for nothing is more natural than to yield to love.

We stood talking for half an hour.

Is that all you're going to tell me?

You could hear a pin drop in the room.

Mars is covered by a dirt which has a lot of iron. The iron makes the planet look red.


There's a hair in the soup.

Connie is clearing her throat.

Thank you for breakfast.

I go home right after work.

She's Thai.

Your locker is open.

You can stay with us for the time being.

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This one is for us.

She had an out-of-body experience.

This is not theirs.

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I've always wanted to meet your younger brother.

Kazuhiro is taking way too much time.

There's a very rigid hierarchy in the Civil Service.

Art likes taking walks.

Irvin got worried when he learned about the medicine's side effects.

I told you it was stupid.

Make sure you choose wisely.

We are the first to arrive.

If you allow me to speak, I'll be able to explain everything.


I'd like to have a consultation about getting braces.

I don't think you should tell Arnold what to do.

Their plane crash-landed in a dense jungle.

Her husband is now living in Tokyo.

His ingratitude is never at an end.


Marlena told us.


You had better go in person.

Lin caught up with Lynnette and John.

Where did Ming go to do her homework?

I pay the telephone bill once a month and I come to university every day.

You make hardly any mistakes.

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I've been dead before, and it wasn't too bad.


She died at the age of 54.

You aren't college material.

When are you busy?

I know that sooner or later I'm going to have to do that.

She is apt to fail.

I am busy.

I'm sorry about what happened between you and my sister. She hasn't been quite herself since she had that accident.

I wrote a book, but it wasn't very good.

She married an American GI after the war.

I don't think things will change.

She was susceptible to colds.

Christofer is now the proud father of a healthy baby girl.

Do I still get paid?

I'm extremely disappointed.

I had a terrible dream last night.

They felt disgraced by their son's wild behavior.

Rafael doesn't like to ride the subway during rush hour.

Who made this song popular?

I caught cold from exposure to the night fog.

I still don't believe it.

She probably likes it.

There are a lot of bridges in this city.

You have to go on without me.


I'd like to buy something to eat.

It was clear that Kay didn't want to do that.

That's all you have to do.

I was wondering when you'd show up.

She makes it a rule to take an hour's walk every morning.

I decided to subscribe to the magazine.

Ravi kept going.


The students answered in order.


You need to buy him a present.

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I may not have time.


The girl in the blue coat is my daughter.

You were in the second year of middle school last year, right?

You were the first one here today.

I'm always looking at you.

Are you saying Prakash was one of them?

Hal is going to take care of everything.

Antonella thought Pedro was lying about where she'd been.


I don't know how Paris is the most visited city in the world.

Teruyuki got everything he wanted for Christmas.

Debbie will succeed.

I come inside to drink coffee.

They got away from the place.

It's a stupid tradition.

Brent was diagnosed with colon cancer in October of 2013.

Germany is not a sunny country.

To execute a plan was simple.

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I'll give you moral support.

Teaching ESL is usually a gig for losers and boozers.

I can't forget the scent of his hair.

She remarried when she was in her mid-forties.

How can this be real?

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Please introduce me to Toerless.


Everything would be easier if we could float.


The Toyo Hotel has a free transportation service from the airport to the hotel for their guests.

I wish I hadn't believed Terry.

You shouldn't rely on others. It's important to want to help yourself.

You could get arrested for that.

How do you know where I live?

What was there?

I wasn't sure you'd be happy to see me.

His writing is impossible to read.

I was only three years old in 2013.

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All glory comes from daring to begin.

Let's keep looking.

I almost forgot to tell you why I'm here.


We should trust the experts.

The company manufactures electrical goods.

Dr. Jackson is too important to be kept waiting.

Were they shopping?

We'll be done in no time.


Please tell me what you think.