We need some supplies and figured you could get us a good price.

He locked up his jewels in the safe.

When are you going to tell me?

Just then, the telephone rang.

I don't know if I'm stupid or not.

Laurent behaves like a child.

Jerrie has a son and a daughter.

We should sue them.


I took the wheels off my bicycle.


I studied English for four years with a native speaker.

When you have a cold, you should drink plenty of liquids.

You should've seen your face.

Good. Everyone's here.

Don't let the pan boil dry.


I would like to see Mr. Smith.

Did you see her this morning?

Valeria is on duty here tonight.

They just padded the report to make it look more impressive.

The police arrested the suspect in the case.

I want to leave this difficult job to her.

This is different from what I thought.

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I think it's time for me to clean the chimney.

Valentin doesn't want to see Andre.

To my mind, it was his mistake.

We seized the town after a short battle.

He has not a little interest in music.

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I hope Liza is careful.


Do you think Nathan saw it?

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She rose to stardom when she was just twelve.

No one knew what was going on.

Can I count on your help?

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Whoever may say so, it is not true.

He can't be young.

Brandon asked Juan to the prom.

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Walt doesn't sound so sure of himself.

I want to see you now.

He is rarely in a good mood.


Amos says he understands how you feel.


Cary knew that Lenny loved him.

Who could ask for anything more?

I let my hand wander between her thighs for a long time.

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How long has your throat been hurting?


I can refer you to a good book on this subject.

Something's happening on Park Street.

Their works are mainly for the black market.


Don't forget to do what I asked.

He did all there was in his power.

We have all been talking about tomorrow; now let's come down to earth and talk about today.

I wonder what this is.

The Cyrillic alphabet takes up more space than the Latin one.

I came straight here from rehearsal.

Fight or flight.

Her hair stood on end at the sight of the horrible accident.

What did you do to my computer?

Get out of here!

I am a Briton.

I've been trying to contact you all morning.

He came out shooting, same as you said he would.

People are suffering from the contamination of the water supply.

Dirk copies everything I do.


Dan wanted Linda to help Matt.

Fortunately this shed is stable, or else it'd have surely fallen down due to the storm last night.

You have been chosen.

I am growing a cat.

He explained to my son why it rains.

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He is pleased when we are bewildered.

I'm not used to having people question my judgment.

Red doesn't look good on Dieter.


He was walking with his hands in his pockets.

I'm just talking to my friends.

Look for clues.

Kaoru has gone to America.

Gordon wants to kill you, Elias.

My father usually watches TV after dinner.

Can you give me a better price?

Please call me before you come.

He's the top of his English class.

I'm sure they're talking about us.

Who is it that Laurianne wants to talk to?

Is the top rung strong enough?

I'm really worried about him.

What is the name of that bird?

It was very scary.

Merat's eyes were glued to the screen.

Don't help him.

They deal in rice at that store.

This food is unhealthy.

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The basement has been made over into a workshop.

Dan was shot in the back of the head.

No student went to the party.

She's an oenophile and a perfume-maker: she smells well, and she smells good, too.

They concluded that he was lying.

Do you think we suit each other?

Your imitations make me laugh.

Can't you feel it?

Former London mayor Boris Johnson was the leader of the campaign for "Brexit".

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The sheriff knows that old trapper.

I don't need to have fun to drink.

Never ask a question if you aren't prepared to hear the answer.


All right. It's a deal.

The drums are annoying as fuck in this video.

I didn't say I worked out.


What else did you buy?

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He finished the job in an instant.

I'm at loose ends since I finished my homework.

I just want to forget about it.

This forest is very dense.

He stopped looking for the pearl.


You both love each other, don't you?

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He can swim fast.

I forgot to buy Sanjib flowers.

His family dates back to the seventeenth century.

Everybody needs one.

Marius is the highest of all.

We're having dinner right now.

They are going to look after him.

I have to wake Sigurd up.

His wide-ranging stances on various issues cement him as a centrist.

Surely, in the present-day society, we might as well consider it natural that consumption plays an important role in the life of man and is closely related to his well-being and happiness.

Can you change the room for me?

It's not always cold in Boston.

Tell Klaudia I'm sick.

What is the matter with you?

Perry gave the dictionary back to Irvin.

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I'm not really prepared.

I knew this was a waste of time.

Lars and I are both hungry.

Mike is proud of his father being rich.

I want to party with you.

I'm from Budapest.

Is Spudboy jealous?


Do you guys have the photos of Boston?

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Most of our money goes for food.

Jean prayed that his mother would forgive him.

I have a feeling that she will come today.

Daniele wanted an economy car.

What has become of his son?

Can't you see who it is?

New Hampshire is next to Vermont.


He was sitting between Masanobu and Fletcher.

I hope Chuck remembered to do what we asked him to do.

I sure hope it works out.

He, who thought he was leading, is lying motionlessly in a wooden box, and those who were left behind, realising that he cannot be of use anymore, are cremating him.

John drank many bottles of wine.

I'm not going to tell you where Sharada is.

I'm used to staying up late at night.

That's plastic.

Have you ever mended your carpets?

Both of us want to see the movie.

Tell me why I shouldn't fire you.

This had better not be some kind of prank.

Jeanne was really busy.

Would you like half a sandwich?

It's easy to remember.

The girl tried to speak, but before she could sob out her thanks the old man had touched her softly on the head three times with his silver staff. In an instant Elsa knew that she was turning into a bird: wings sprang from beneath her arms; her feet were the feet of eagles, with long claws; her nose curved itself into a sharp beak, and feathers covered her body. Then she soared high in the air, and floated up towards the clouds, as if she had really been hatched an eagle.

Weather conditions may change.

Everything is gone.

I teach Toft's children French three days a week.

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He ran too fast for me to keep up with him.

They walked toward the bridge.

We'll have plenty to do.

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That would be even nicer!


I turned down the offer.

I was an idiot to believe them.

I need to talk to you tonight.

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With a hundred dollars, I could manage.

A nice roast chicken is one of my favorite dishes.

Come on down here.