If you are a well-seasoned traveler, chances are you’ve had to take a red eye flight or two. The coined term “red eye” makes so much sense once you have experienced flying overnight to your desired destination – you often depart the plane and walk out of the airport feeling groggy, sleep deprived, and with […]

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If you’re planning to go far away from home, all you need to do is to plan ahead. It is essential to put some things in place before you travel to ensure a safe and easy trip. Taking a long trip or travelling long distance and need to plan? Here are five tips on how […]

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When you hear about a trip to the Alps, you probably think about the good times you’ll have in the mountains there. Skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, hiking, but have you ever thought about mountain biking on the Alps? Any thrill seeker is bound to get their heart racing just thinking about it! For travelers who have […]

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La belle vie: Live it up in Quebec this summer

Of all the provinces in Canada, Quebec is the most intriguing to many American youth and young travellers from around the world. Its two biggest cities are known for their carefree, European ambience, while its expansive wilderness holds limitless possibilities for outdoor recreation. Excited to experience this place yourself? We know exactly how you feel; […]

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Belize is one of the world’s top travel destinations in the world that offers captivating and spectacular attractions and plenty of fun-filled adventure and activities. In this article, we’ll give you ten reasons why Belize should be on top of your travel bucket list. There are Plenty of Cool Places to Stay in Belize Aside […]

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If you caught the travel bug and want to take it a step further to become a permanent resident in a new country, the process can be long and complicated. You will need to reside in the country for at least a few years before you can apply for citizenship, but this entirely depends on […]

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6 Tips and Tricks for Your Year Abroad in Thailand 

Your tickets are booked. Your visas are sorted. And you’re about to embark on a year abroad to the glorious country of Thailand. Spending a year anywhere that isn’t your home requires a lot of preparation, planning, and education before setting off. We’ve put together a list of expert tips and tricks to help you […]

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7 Tips For Staying Active This Summer 

While you may have spent the last few months stressing about getting your body beach-ready, it’s easy to let all that hard work slip once the sun heats up and the ice cream starts filling up your freezer. Summer can actually be a great time to improve your fitness and increase your activity levels, and […]

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5 best ways to save money on your foreign travels

 Have you always wanted to travel?Have you always wanted to explore the world? Do you want to save money while on your travels abroad? With the peak travelling season approaching, it is the right time for you to start getting ready and getting in the groove! It is now time to begin contemplating how to […]

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When you’re travelling you’re likely to meet new people, and for many people (particularly younger people on a party holiday) these new relationships can become physical. Though the large majority of the encounters you have with strangers while on the road don’t end up in the bedroom, it’s important to take precautions for those that […]

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